Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Picky Eater

So... I'm not really a *picky* eater. (Some call me a food snob, but not picky.) But every time Matti suggests something to eat, I find myself saying, "Ew. I don't like that!"

Honorable mentions are the following: pizza (most the time), eggs--especially hard boiled, grapefruit, celery, beets, maple bars--maple flavoring actually, chicken Parmesan, vanilla bean ice cream, bananas that do not have green on them, and...the list continues to grow.

McDonald's is at the top of the list of terrible places to eat. I mean, I don't even consider that food anymore.

Weird. I really thought I ate just about everything. I mean, I've eaten pig skin tacos, and bone marrow, and I genuinely like Brussel sprouts and other weird delectables.

Monday, July 28, 2014


Since I was asleep for these conversations, I can't very well attest to the accuracy of the retelling.

These past weeks my mom, and then my two sisters and niece visited Utah. (Let's not discuss how a new job and moving took all the fun of their visit and turned it into a few stolen hours together, since it makes me a little sad.)

Between sleeping at my house, my friend Meghan's house, my grandparents', and my uncle's house, we've all been sleeping in pairs in different beds. For the record, Kiki's body temperature runs at approximately 112 degrees. She is a furnace.

Since I sleep alone, I have no one to tell me of the weird things that happen at night. Do I have crazy stressful dreams that make me flail and kick? I don't think so . . .? But I can't ever be sure. (Evidence suggests that this is not likely the case.) I do know that I dream vividly. Which might account for me sitting up one night in a panic and saying, "Mom! There's a bug!"

She asked, "Did you see it?"


"Did you feel it?"


"Then go back to sleep!" My mom was not about to search for a bug in the middle of the night if there was no evidence that said bug existed.

"Ok. Maybe I just saw it under my eyelid."

Apparently I was very convincing as having been entirely awake during this episode, since my mother only casually mentioned it the next day, as if I had any idea as to what she was talking about.

I didn't.

I'm still not 100% convinced that it happened. But she claims that it did, and it was pretty funny.

Apparently, I woke Mackenzie up one night, insisting that she move over because she was a "little furnace". At least I was nice about it? I still remember a time when Amy decided to wake me up because I had crossed the line into her territory with a firmly placed foot in the center of my back!


I'm sitting at my uncle's house, who is a bishop in our church and he has paraphernalia all over. We bless every meal, and say family prayer at night and it is really nice. I sat down at his computer, and he had open, and so on a whim I decided to peruse around the site, because I don't log on except to access my scriptures in Sunday School once a week and it'd been a while since I had really looked at the site.

I was struck with how much doesn't seem to be applicable to me and my current stage in life. As a late-twenty something, I don't fit the mold that most of my peers do. I'm still single. And I don't have kids.

So articles about raising kids, or nourishing marriages don't apply to me. Even under the resources page, there are things specifically for home and family, marriage, children, youth . . . (welfare, but that doesn't apply to me either).

I'm not saying that I don't find things in the church that aren't relevant to me--I'm obviously still in the church, and I'm not going anywhere. For all that I find fault in, I find 100 other reasons to stay. I love the gospel and there is hope and peace to be found in it.

But sometimes its exhausting. It's exhausting trying to find a place where you don't fit the standard mold. It's exhausting trying to see through the culture to get to the doctrine. And every time I go to a family ward, I feel even more weary.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Five Fictional Men Who Have Ruined Me for Actual Men

Simon Stein - In Her Shoes by Jennifer Weiner
  • Simon is amazing in both the book and the movie, but I will admit, that I like movie version much better. He's unrelenting in his pursuit of the lady he knows he is meant to be with. Understanding of--but does not put up with her--crazy. He knows how to order excellent food at all sorts of amazing, different restaurants. And he sits on the couch and reads romance novels with her. He loves his lady despite all her flaws. 
Benedict - Much Ado About Nothing by Shakespeare
  • He is the grumpiest, wittiest, most hilarious character ever written. Need I say more? (Also, Much Ado About Nothing happens to be my favorite Shakespeare play. I remember reading it in English in 10th grade and being one of maybe three people who actually understood it enough to laugh out loud. I'm currently watching the Joss Whedon version and it has made me laugh out loud several times.) Oh, Benedict. 
Jamie Fraser - Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

  • Jamie is . . . well, if you follow the fandom of the Outlander series, he is God's gift to women. He is also witty (though, no Benedict) and he is manly, and says the sweetest, most perfect things. He is imperfect. But he is loyal and true and patriotic, and bound to duty. He is strong, and quick, clever and witty. He loves Claire with a passion that extends through time, continent, and every trial he and his family goes through. He is swoonworthy. And virile. And probably incomparable. 
Reginald Fitzhugh - The Mischief of Mistletoe by Lauren Willig

  • As grumpy as Benedict is, that is how pleasant and good-humored Turnip is. I love him because he was nothing like I expected him to be. He was introduced in several of the books prior to receiving his own, and seemed goofy and intolerable, and I disliked him as much as every other character. But seeing him in action as this sweet, thoughtful, goofy character made me love him.
George Knightly - Emma by Jane Austen

  • Most people think to love Mr. Darcy when it comes to Austen's characters. But I have always loved Mr. Knightly more. He loves Emma, but he is not afraid to correct her when she needs it. He is a sensible, and kind man. 

Honorable mentions: Peeta Mellark from Hunger Games | John Thornton from North & South | Danny Castellano from The Mindy Project | Raylan Givins from Justified | Jim Halpert from The Office | Augustus Waters from The Fault in Our Stars | Neville Longbottom from Harry Potter | Sirius Black from Harry Potter | Levi from Fangirl | Ian from The Host | Lincoln from Attachments | & many, many others

And also, the world has not yet been introduced to William Hardy, who is a character in Marry in Haste. A work in progress by MK Peters. I'm not going to lie, but he may be the very best character ever written. I love him. 

Monday, May 12, 2014


In case you were wondering:

The packaging of Reese's Peanut Butter cups is not water proof.* Wet Reese's are incredibly sticky, not appetizing, and should be thrown away.

The packaging on a Kit Kat is water proof. And the Kit Kats remain fairly delightful.

*Test conducted over a two week period.

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