Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our Miraculous Bodies

As I was walking to my car yesterday, and before I discovered the stupid parking ticket given to me by Provo City, I was thinking about how amazing our bodies are. Actually, I was thinking that if I were to trip and fall while walking with my eyes closed, I would probably not try to break my fall and that I would probably not try to get up. I would instead just lie on the sidewalk and take a nap.

But really. We put our bodies through some pretty extreme things. People go to space and survive incredible accidents. During wars and conflicts there are all sorts of things people adapt to endure starvation and confinement - it's amazing. At school, we program ourselves to go with as little as sleep as possible. Like, days, without sleeps. Full nights running on energy that just happens to be there - or, more likely, fueled by Heath bars and chocolate cake, caffeine, and...well, anything you can stuff in your face because if you are eating then you aren't sleeping. We're so used to not sleeping that our bodies can pick a chair, a corner, a bench, or underneath a stairwell and you can fall asleep for a few minutes or up to an hour and wake up just in time to make it to class.

Lots of my friends are pregnant right now. And my sister just had a baby. Pregnancy has to be one of the most extreme conditions are body goes through. The changes that occur; the sickness and the heightened senses... I don't know because I've never experienced it, but it's pretty crazy. It's like we're oysters growing pearls. Only, we're better than oysters because instead of growing some precious stone (is a pearl a stone?) we're growing live human beings. Pearls probably don't give the oyster heartburn, and the oyster definitely couldn't feel the pearl when it has hiccups.

Yup, the body is amazing. No wonder Satan is so jealous he doesn't have one, eh? We're truly blessed for what we have - even if we were given slow metabolisms, oily skin prone to breakouts, and hair where we don't want it.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Only at BYU

The title sounds like I may be berating BYU - but not today. No, today I was reminded why I am at BYU and why I do...sometimes, like it.

I just witnessed, I think, the coolest thing that I am going to see on campus this year. I was sitting in the lobby typing away on my computer on the very bench that I had previously, and not so comfortably, taken an hour nap, when - and I am not sure what happened - a girl walked out of the ladies' restroom asking for the assistance of some of the guys. Was there a priesthood holder available to give a blessing for her friend? The friend was writhing pain and barely able to walk. Immediately, these worthy priesthood holders jumped to their feet, even if a little confused on what they would do if the girl could not make it out of the bathroom. She did though, and when the initial guy admitted that he didn't have oil another guy was quick to his side offering his. The blessing was given quickly, earnestly, and efficiently. Afterwards, several girls who had watched the proceedings, jumped in their own help by offering pain killers and a water bottle. The girl needing the blessing walked away soon after - I sincerely hope that she is OK.

I, of course, sat and watched the whole thing. I guess I could have called 911, if it were needed. But it was clear that the rest of the lobby had everything under control. Besides, I really don't have anything to offer. If she went into cardiac arrest I could have asked for an AED and done CPR - she probably could have been revived after I cracked a few ribs. Anyway, I was so impressed with the whole scene that I wrote to the Daily Universe. I hope one of these heroes reads about themselves on Monday, knowing that someone witnessed everything and was truly touched. I was especially impressed with the girl who came racing out of the bathroom asking for help. If it had been me, I would have gone through everyone in my phone; never would I have thought to ask the perfectly worthy men that I am surrounded by every day.


Of course, a few minutes later, another guy entered the lobby on his cell phone threatening to kill people, saying things like, "I could strangle you right now," and "If you dance with that guy...". Funny how one guy can ruin the whole moment...

Monday, February 09, 2009

Good advice...

I was hanging out with friends with weekend and was given some good advice that I wanted to record before I forgot it.

  1. It is easy to fall in love. But it is hard to remain in love. It takes work, devotion and respect.
  2. Sometimes you find the right person, but it's the wrong time. There aren't necessarily soul mates - you could probably marry anyone and it work out OK as long as you are doing it at the right time. A marriage is like a yoke, and you can't have one person remain stubbornly in one spot while the other is trying to move forward. So if he/she isn't ready, then you aren't going to go anywhere.
  3. You can't expect that a partner is going to change you for the better. What if they haven't developed that particular goal or trait? You have to do the things that you expect of the other person long before they can ever help you. No person is going to change your bad habits or cultivate your talents - that is your job.

In a completely unrelated note: Boise is more dangerous than I thought it was. For a moment I thought I was in Vegas. What with all the drag queens, exposed breasts and drinking, the only thing that reminded me where I was, was the lack of casinos and warmer weather.

Material Girl

It's always the things that we can't have that dominate our thoughts the most.

This is probably the reason I like to read "romance" novels; why I crave chocs and sveets and FOOD every time I think about dieting; and why, oh why, I want to just spend money like crazy ever since I lost my job.

I am lucky I don't have to work right now. This semester I have enough money from a loan that will pay for all my expenses, as long as I keep it closely budgeted and do not spend money on excess or luxury items. Crap.

As soon as I start working again, I am going to go on a shopping spree. And this is what I am going to buy:

  1. A trip. I want to get on a plane and go somewhere. Maybe California. Maybe somewhere East. I don't care where - I just want out of Utah.
  2. Shoes. Oh, shoes! I need shoes. I want to waterproof my boots. I want to buy a cute pair of black, pointy-toed flats. I want some cute heels that are totally impractical. I want goulashes.
  3. Clothes. I need clothes, too. I need jeans. I need shirts. I need... I can't have. But I am not going to be worrying about the price when I go shopping. If I want to spend $245 on a cute dress, maybe I'll actually do it... I don't think I could spend that much on a dress. But still. I want to go shopping for clothes and not worry about how much I am paying.
  4. A camera! Two camera. An SLR and a regular digital camera. Mine is broken and it is very sad.
  5. MUSIC! I want to go onto a website and download a bunch of music, legally. But that costs money. I will wait.
  6. Books. I could spend a lot of money on books. I already spend more than I should. I would spend more if I could.
  7. Pedicures. Heaven on earth, need I say more?
  8. New kitchen stuff. In the past weeks I've lost a cake decorating tip, a can opener, and a beer glass. My pots are ruined, and we eat Teflon-peppered food on a regular basis. I would love to change this.
  9. A gym membership. Yes, that's right. And one that I would use too.
  10. Furniture. Like a bed frame. And a dresser. A side table and a lamp. Oh the possibilities of making my new room CUTE! I don't want plastic furniture anymore.
*Sigh.* Someday. Someday soon I will be able to have a little bit of extra cash. But until then, keep me out of the stores!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday baby girl! I am so excited that you are here and a part of our family. You are so gosh darn cute already.

Your mom is a pretty excellent person. I've known her since I was fourteen months old. She's been one of my greatest companions and friends throughout my whole life. She underestimates herself a lot, so just keep in mind that you have one of the coolest moms in the world.

Life is hard; but that is why God gave us families. Heavenly Father knew what he was doing when he sent your special spirit to us. Just know that He is aware of you and your mom, and He will be there to help and aid throughout your life. He's also given us to you, and as your family, we will be there to watch you grow and succeed in life in whatever you choose to do.

I love you already, little one.

Aunt Shelli

Amy - happy birthday to you too, kiddo. I love you VERY much. You don't know how badly I wish I could be there to share this experience with you. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you - even if I am 1,600 miles away.

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