Saturday, November 16, 2013

Troubles of a Stuffy Nose

Two things that shouldn't have to happen, but when they happen, they should never be in the same week:

1. Killing a spider that crawled on your eyelid. (YES! EYE. LID.) Finding a spider in your room is bad enough; finding a spider in your bed is grounds for burning down your house. BUT having a spider somehow manage to jump (because really- you'd think someone could feel a thing crawling in their face) from the window sill (maybe) to your face is traumatizing at best.

2. Developing a cold where you will inevitably be a mouth-breather all night because there is absolutely no clear airway through your nose.

See the problem? That statistic that says we eat 8 spiders a year, or something along those lines, no longer seems so far fetched.

Friday, November 01, 2013


Have you ever stumbled upon a website that has the cutest clothes for ridiculously low prices only to find that the sizes are meant for typical Asian women, and not even close to regular U.S. sizes?

I'm telling you that it happens way too often.

I'm not just saying that they don't have plus sizes. These sites don't carry a size 12. Their XXXL is the equivalent of a U.S. size 10.

Somebody tell me where to get cute, cheap clothes in my sizes.

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