Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Inspiring Video - Gianna Jessen

This is an amazing speech from a female preacher named Gianna Jessen. She was supposed to be aborted in a late stage abortion and but survived the saline injection while in utero, it handicapped her - but she was able to overcome and the only real evidence of her handicap is that she walks with a slight limp. This video comes from 2008 and she's speaking to Australian Parliament about abortion, and really, about her testimony of God. The video I watched was 16 minutes long and the whole thing was really good, but I couldn't actually find it to post. I did find a video that included my favorite part.

"For a brief moment, I would like to speak to the men in this room... MEN: You are made for greatness. You are made to stand up and be men. You are made to defend women and children, not stand by and turn your head when you know murder is occurring and do nothing about it. You are not made to use women and leave us alone. You are made to be kind and great and gracious and strong and stand for something...

"WOMEN: You are not made for abuse. You are not made to sit and not know your worth and your value. You are made to be fought for. Forever.

"So now is your moment. What sort of people are you going to be? I trust incredible. I trust, men, you will rise to the occasion... you are made for greatness, set your politics aside. You are made to defend what is right and is your moment. What sort of man do you want to be? A man obsessed with your own glory or a man obsessed with the glory of God? It's time to take a stand...God will assist you. God will be with you."

She mentions that this is something that is never done, but really it sounds like something you hear in General Conference every six months. Only, she doesn't have the "Relief Society voice."

Basketball Try-Outs

I started playing basketball in third grade. Third grade is when Troy Junior Basketball, the city league allows you to start playing. Or at least, when my parents discovered the league. In any rate, it's when I started playing. I grew up around basketball. My dad played for church and with his brothers and pretty much any opportunity he got. He coached the young men's basketball team. My mom also played for church. Saturdays during basketball season were especially busy, one game after the next at the stake center.

When I turned 12 and was allowed to play on the young women's team, I happily played both on the city league and for church. It was really fun that year. Our young women's team was good. There were so many of us that wanted to play, we had to have two teams. That also meant that we got to play games on Saturday, and legit scrimmages during the week for practice. We had pink jerseys. It was so great!

When I started junior high, I wanted to play for school. My dad played for school. My cousins played for school. I was going to play. But there were a few things to worry about.

In Troy, fifth and sixth graders can be put on the "traveling team." The team gets to travel around and play different teams of the same age in different cities, rather than just remaining in Troy playing against the other Troy girls. You also had to be recruited or try out for the traveling team. But this team always played their games on Sunday. I'm sure that I wasn't good enough to play on the team, anyway, but the fact that they played on Sunday ensured that I didn't even try. But it was usually those girls that got positions on the school teams. It also allowed the different girls from different elementary schools to bond and become friends, long before I had a chance.

Not only that, but Troy offers basketball camps during the summer. I never participated in these. I am sure it was partially because I was the oldest, and my parents didn't know much about them, and partially because we were poor and couldn't afford the fees. (I wore boy's Wal Mart basketball shoes because they were cheaper.)

So, I wasn't on the traveling team and I didn't attend the camps. Those two things combined made it a losing situation when I walked into the gym after school for try-outs. But that wasn't the only thing that hurt me. Basketball season was really the only activity I participated in once it turned cold. I rode my bike and went to the swimming pool everyday during the summer, but for the most part, I was a chunky little kid with zero running ability. I'd half-walked every mile I had to run in gym, and I was incredibly slow. I loved basketball, but I was mediocre.

The first day of try-outs must have been meant to weed out the kids that didn't belong. And before the second drill, I was convinced that I was one of those people. The girls that had been on the traveling team also happened to be the prettiest, smartest - soon to be most popular - girls in the school (in my eyes). The coaches knew them. And I was convinced I would never make the team.

And I was dying.

They had us run! so much during the first day of try-outs, that I was sure I was going to pass out. Why didn't they ask to see our defensive skills? Why didn't they ask us to do lay-ups? I don't know. But they didn't. Instead they made us run. I was slow, and I was last. And I was embarrassed. So in the middle of suicides, long before try-outs were even over, I reached the end of the court, and I ran right out the door. I didn't look back to see the reaction of the coaches, I prayed that they wouldn't even notice. And then I hid until my mom came to pick me up.

I can't remember if I cried or not, but I wouldn't be surprised. I was an overly-emotional teenager. I told my mom that I would not be going back the next day, and she didn't make me.

To this day I wonder what would have happened if I had just stuck it through. Would I have made the team? I'm sure I would have sat the bench. There were so many talented basketball players in my grade. But if I had made the team, maybe I would have had a chance to get better. I definitely would have been in better shape during school with all the running and the eventual weight lifting they have the athletes participate in. It's probably my biggest regret from school.

And yet, I haven't learned. When I am in an embarrassing situation, my first reaction is to flee. Even if the greater good means to stay put and get through it.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I've been a member of for over two years now, and I really love it. It's a way to keep track of the books I've read, the ones I want to read, the ones I'm going to read, and the ones that I never want to read. Other users go and post reviews for books and it allows you to see what others are saying about popular books and books you've never heard of.

Basically, it's a social network for readers. Which is totally cool.

And, it's a way to get authors all defensive about their work when you slander it. And then you become infamous, and they don't want you to buy any more of their books for fear of what you will say... all because of Goodreads!

But Goodreads is also a way for an author to get their name out. And so I uploaded my book as a book, and I'm hosting a giveaway for a few copies of the published book. So those of you who are not logged into, you should consider it.

There are literally hundreds of giveaways on Goodreads. So that's really cool, because free books are awesome! Since it is a way for authors to get their book out to readers, who will hopefully give their book a good review, thus inspiring many other readers to check out that particular book, many authors offer one to several copies that they mail out.

I recently won a giveaway. I should have read the description better, because it was for a book that is probably not of interest to me - although I can't say that I'm surprised I won it, literally seconds after I hit "enter giveaway" - it's a gay romance. Hahahahaha. Yeah. Whoops. Since I never win things, I'm pretty excited about this. There were 576 different people who tried to get this book, and yet I'm the one who won. (Becca, you see the significance of this, right?)

On the right hand side of my blog, you can see where to go to enter the giveaway for Unrealized Dreams. I have three copies, and I'm excited to send them out. Even if there are an exorbitant amount of errors and typos in this first edition.
Never fear! That is what future editions are for - to fix things like such as. 

If you have any questions, let me know.

I need a house...

So I can buy a couple of these.

I would name them Finnick and Elinor.

Aren't they the cutest things you've ever seen? I've been obsessing over them for the past week or so. I'm convinced it is the only type of pet I would ever be OK with.

They're smart. They can be litter-box trained. They can be trained to do anything. They don't get too big. They don't shed. And they are so stinking cute!

Oh my gosh. Don't you just love them? I do. So someone, please buy me a house so I can have a little piggy door for Finnick and Elinor to escape into the back yard. Can't you just see me in a cute little cottage-like-house with a white picket fence, a purple door, trimmed hedges and two teacup piglets?

Pretty much, it's the best idea I've ever had. I'm not even a pet person and Finnick has already won me over. I'd probably call him Finn for short.

Eeek! I'm so excited.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Again, so soon?

I revamped by blog again... I can't decide if I like it better than the last one, but I've been adding a bunch of different things to promote Unrealized Dreams and I'm still loving the design feature on blogger, so... it had to be done.

I was also going to take a minute and update on some things, but life plugs on and nothing really new is going on. I vow to go to bed early every night, but then decide that 9 p.m. is too early to actually retire, so then I start working on something: writing, cleaning, movie, etc. and I miss my bedtime by about three hours. So, I'm still getting to bed between midnight and 1 a.m., instead of 11:00 p.m. like I plan. And I still have a ridiculously hard time getting up in the morning, even when I think I've gotten enough sleep.

I don't know what it is about rational thinking in the morning, but all logic is lost. I barely comprehend that my alarm - nay, three alarms - have been going off for over an hour. And when I finally do understand that that is what the racket is (assuming that I've heard the noise at all) I somehow haggle with myself as to how much more time I get to remain in bed. Trust me, it always seems very much on the up and up to get a few more, or twenty, minutes of sleep when I'm laying there wishing it were Saturday morning and I had nothing to do.

Of course, when you read posts like yesterday, you might begin to understand why I enjoy sleep so gosh darn much. I mean, just think of the movie-dreams I get to "watch" while I'm asleep. They're exciting! And free!

Or, I guess you can't consider them free, because when I am running late in the morning, technically they cut into my work hours, which means I am being paid less....

On that logic, I'm paying more for my dream-movies than I would a regular movie. Which seems really stupid, now that it is not 7:30 a.m.

Hey! Does anyone want to go see a movie with me? I really want to now that I am thinking about it.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Nap Dreamin'

Meghan tells me all the time that I need to go and see a doctor for my box problems, among other things. She goes and sees doctors a lot, so she knows all about them and referred me to a man that worked in this huge corporate office. When I got there, Meghan came in for my appointment and was busy handing out the many tests that she thought the doctor should be administering. And all these weird paper covers, even though I never removed any clothing, and the covers wouldn't have prevented anyone from seeing anything. Paper covers like a vest thing and one the size of a small washcloth with a hole in it... moving on.

The doctor and Meghan were up to something fishy that relied on them sneaking information from one spy to the next and during my appointment, I was able to go and help. We sneaked down to the lobby of this huge building, exchanged strange looks to this young, pretty receptionist with a side pony, and then as she got up to leave her desk, she dropped her pen. The good doctor was able to pick the pen up for her, offer it back and somehow in between it all, he had switched pens. On the way back to his office, they hopped on a secret elevator that was behind the regular elevator. Of course, I was not agile enough to make it on the secret one, and I rode it mostly dangling from the edge, managing to pull myself up just before the wall cut me in half.

When we got back to his office, the doctor recorded the necessary information, and then it was time to return the pen to the evil lady. Apparently the bomb information was written on a paper inside the pen. They were going to bomb the hospital - where we were, and we needed to evacuate everyone.

I was put in charge of returning the stolen information, so I went back downstairs into the lobby and into a little glass office where I ran into a small Peruvian cleaning woman who was crying in the middle of a puddle in the corner bathroom of the office. She told me how she was going to get in a lot of trouble, and how she wasn't allowed to speak to me and how she had a bulbous nose. I told her that she did not, in fact, have a big nose - it was quite small, and I told her it looked like a small tulip. (?) She smiled at that, and I helped her to her feet. I was just about to return the stolen information when the owner of it returned to her office and asked what I was doing.

"I can't believe I ran into my old friend!" I said, giving the maid a hug. "I haven't seen her in so long, and I was just giving her my number," I quickly tried to write on her arm, but it was dry and cracked and I only made it to 937 before I gave up, replaced the pen and told the cleaning woman that we needed to go.

When we left, it was suddenly not a bomb that we were worried about, but they had learned to anticipate large earth quakes, and we were in for a BIG ONE. Unfortunately, we were also standing outside the hospital where an LDS temple was the neighbor.

I stood across the street from the temple, wishing that the cleaning lady and I were endowed so that we could go in. People were pouring into the temple, and I knew that was the safest place to be, but I also knew we couldn't go in. So we started looking for another way out. Somehow, we ended up in the parking garage, and then had to run for our lives as the parking garage began to collapse all around us. People were being squashed under the massive amounts of concrete. Including my cleaning friend.

I ran back to the doors of the temple, looking in, knowing I would be safe there. Finally, a worker came out, he was praying, asking the Lord to forgive him for desecrating His holy house, and then opening the doors to all her were seeking refuge. They asked us to stay in the lobby, but then eventually gave people to wander around at will. I made my way into a small theater room, where my friend Tyler sat watching the video that they supposedly show during a session. (However, I know for a fact that this is not the film they show, as it had chariactures of Adam using Eve as a speedboat trying to get her pregnant and the video was talking about polygamy and having many, many babies... moving on.)

When the temple workers realized that I was watching the video, they turned it off and told me that the earthquake was about to begin. I went back towards the doors and stood next to Muslims, of all things, and we watched as the hospital collapsed all around us from the tremors. The temple held strong. We didn't feel anything.

There were still people on the outside, refusing to come into the temple, and the building, parking structure and bridgeways fell onto the people and crushed them. There was so giant split in the earth, which we were happy about. But the news showed cars who were out seeking the danger and driving over the shockwaves, celebrating when they made it out alive.

The earthquake was over, and I felt guilty for being in the temple, so I tried to go out, and when I did, I was told that once I left, I would not be allowed back in. I wanted to find my family, and so I opted to go out. Minutes later, the second wave of earthquake began, and it didn't matter which way I ran, I was in danger of being crushed by concrete.

I was truly terrified for my life and pouring sweat as I ran and continued to run, cursing my stupidity and leaving the temple when I should have stayed.

I was just about to be crushed by falling concrete cell phone went off and I was pulled back into reality where I sleeping in the sun, with heavy down blankets on me, sweating. Whoa.

Friday, September 17, 2010

I did it...

I do realize how late it is, but I have to announce that I decided to go with the self-publishing option for the time being.

Unrealized Dreams is now available to any and all who want to order it. Either print or electronic. Use the code: REMARKABLE305 to receive 15% off.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

You can still read the first four chapters here.

Tell your mom, your friends...whoever.

I know that the print option is pricey. That was the lowest option they made available. So, just know that I am not getting rich off your purchases. Instead, I'm just getting the satisfaction of knowing that my book is out there on somebody's shelf, or propping up a table or being the lonely dog's chew toy.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lament of the Single

Can we just have a small moment of silence for the fact that all the good men are taken?

Take a moment and grieve the fact that the perfect guy - nay, EVERY perfect guy - is taken. The ones that are witty and charming; have perfectly straight, white teeth with brilliant smiles, the ones that flirt like masters whether in person, on the phone or over email. The guys that are personable, friendly and sociable. For the guys that can grow super impressive beards, and rock them. Those guys that dress nice and smell better.

Yeah, those guys. The ones that are untouchable, and because they are, you can totally play it cool and have normal conversations instead of the awkwardness that fills the dialogue of the unknown.

Just take a minute and mourn with me fellow singles, because I know the married ones out there do not understand.

[Insert long, haggard sigh here.]

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

~-- HIGH --~

This could also be titled "Dentist: Day 2"

I went back to the dentist today to have my two cavities filled. I was...nervous, to say the least. I don't like pain, and I really don't like that feeling that you get when your mouth is coming out of anesthesia, like your whole face has fallen asleep. I don't like that uncomfortable little prick in the gums in order to inject the anesthesia. And like most, I hate the sound of the drill in my mouth.

I expressed my concerns, and they laughed at me. Why? Because they were baby cavities. No big deal at all... still, when they told me that the nitrous gas was FREE, I opted for it, because that's what it is there for: to calm you. Also, a guy at work told me that it was like, the best thing ever. Perhaps his favorite thing in the world maybe not favorite, favorite, because he's a dude....anyway, never mind. Scratch that.

So they sat me back in the chair, put the sticky pre-anesthetic aesthetic on my gums, which dripped down the back of my throat and made my tongue feel like it was clogging my airway. No biggie. They also put the little mask over my nose and started pumping the nitrous. And then the cute hygienist came in a gave me the shots. I still didn't like the poke, but it wasn't as bad as I remembered. And then he did it again, which I didn't feel at all because I was already numb. He asked how I was feeling, and I was fine... I wasn't feeling the effects of the gas, and so he TURNED IT UP.

It didn't take long after that to start feeling it.

I've never been under the influence of anything. I've had Vicodin and and Tylenol with codeine and Benadryl, and even a sleeping pill for taking my wisdom teeth out... but it's never done anything that I could physically feel the effect of.

This was different. I was floating. My muscles relaxed, starting with my lungs and then working to my extremities. I felt my already weak, sorry excuse of biceps deflate. Then my thighs, my calves and finally, the tingly effects had reached my toes.

The dentist was really good about explaining what was going on. I was afraid that they had done the anesthetic too soon, and that it was going to wear off before he was finished drilling. (Turns out, they had me in and out of the joint in 30 minutes and the aesthetic has only just worn almost completely off.) I still hated the sound of the instrument that they used to clean out the cavity. It was the high pitched one.

The actual drill.... it rattled my whole brain. "I would like the one thing that most people fear," I thought to myself, obviously high. My skull was vibrating, and I was smiling. And then trying not to smile as I thought that it was probably the effects of the laughing gas, and then smiling some more. I wonder if the dentist noticed, because even though I thought I was smiling, maybe my lips and face were too numb and there were too many hands and guards in my mouth to be able to tell.

I knew that I was high, because I was floating and could feel the effects that the gas had taken on my now completely relaxed body, which made me self conscious. Remember, I've never been under the influence of anything, so I didn't know how I would react. I was worried that I would do something stupid, and I noticed that when I exhaled through the mask, it was making a slight wheezing sound. Which embarrassed me. So then I tried to take slower breaths and exhale even slower, which made me light headed, which made me smile because I would practically gasp for air - but it had to be through my nose - taking a bigger whiff of the gas, and smiling again. About halfway through the cavities, I was ready to be done with the gas. I wanted to breathe normally, and I started taking two breaths from the mask and two through my mouth. I wanted to ask them to take the mask off, but I didn't know how to do it - my mouth being full of hands and instruments. So I stuck it through and tried to enjoy the rest of the effects.

They were seriously done in no time at all. My appointment was at 5:00 p.m., I was out by 5:43 p.m. The assistant made me wait so that I didn't stumble out of the office. She said that she's had patients blackout as soon as they stood. I made an extra effort to not look like an idiot walking out of the office, but I was still dizzy. I sat in my car for a few minutes after, made it to Pleasant Grove, and sat for a few minutes more...just to be on the safe side.

I discovered that 1) I do not like being out of my full faculties. If I ever did drugs, it would have to be in private where I would not make a fool of myself. It really ruins the buzz when you are concerned with what other people think of you. 2) Nitrous is probably nothing like actually being on drugs, though, it is likely the closest I'll ever come to it. 3) It is called laughing gas for a reason. I was particularly smiley throughout the whole thing, and I attribute that to the gas and the weird things I was thinking while under the influence of it. And 4) Having cavities is really not that bad...especially the brain-rattling drill. Which still makes me want to laugh.

Oh! It was really fun to see how hard I could bite my cheeks without drawing blood because I couldn't feel them. Even more fun, trying to eat with half your mouth numb. I'm surprised I didn't choke on any of my food, because I was never really sure if I had chewed everything up completely. Still, I had just gone to the dentist, I felt like I deserved an ice cream cone. And whatever aesthetic they used is magical! It has nearly worn completely off, and there hasn't been an uncomfortable, prickly feeling yet.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Corporate Dentist

These are not my teeth.
I went to the dentist today. had a deal a while back that offered an exam, whitening and full set of x-rays for $50, and at that point, I wasn't as strapped for cash as I am now, so I got it. Besides, I haven't been to the dentist in a while, so I really wanted to make sure my teeth were good and healthy.

It was busy when I arrived at 3:58 p.m. (my appointment was scheduled for 4:10 p.m. - so you know what that means? Even though I: left my office later than I planned, stopped at the structural engineer's office AND my apartment; then Garmin told me the wrong direction and I had to make a couple of U-turns to find myself at a dead end and NOT the dentist... after all of that - I was on time, early even. And I already had the new patient paperwork filled out...) and waited until 4:30 p.m. until the... I don't know what her title is, but I will call her the Pusher. She came and walked me around the building, giving me a tour of the place and then turning me over to x-rays.

After full mouth x-rays, density checking and then the exam... I found out that I have, "beautiful, healthy teeth" and two baby cavities. Great.

I paid for the cleaning, which was not included in the groupon, and then was escorted back to the Pusher's office, where we could figure out a way for me to pay to have my cavities filled and to get my whitening trays.

Overall, the office was very friendly, but had a very corporate feel to me. I couldn't get over the fact that I felt like they were trying to take my money. There were SO many people there, it sort of made me anxious. And the fact that the Pusher and several other people were walking around with headsets, made it feel all the more "corporate." On the other hand, my hygienist rushed to make the trays so that I didn't have to come back for them, and could start the regimen early. And they have some of the coolest and latest technology in the dental field. X-rays have gone digital, and I got to look at the x-rays and see what the dentist was examining as he pulled them up on screen and looked at each tooth. The chairs were comfortable.

They set me up with a payment plan so that I could get my cavities filled and pay just a little bit a month with no interest for a year. Just what I need - another monthly payment. And I have a feeling that the Pusher is going to try and get me to put sealants on all of my teeth. Which is all great and well, except I think she said they were $30 a tooth...which I most definitely cannot afford. But, whatever, my teeth are healthy and will soon be cavity free once again.

I haven't had a cavity since I was seven years old (or something like that) and I don't remember what it's like... I hope it isn't too bad. *Shudder*

Oh, and they didn't give me my cookie (which was supposed to be included with the groupon.)

Monday, September 13, 2010


I've always thought that it would be fun to be published in Women's World magazine. They pay $25-100 for little short snippets about "funny" things children say, pictures of babies and pets and stuff like that, and I figured I could get paid to write their one-page romance story.

So I've been doing a little research online, and I've learned a few things. Women's World is a hard market to crack into. You get paid $800 per story. The stories have to be modern and under 800 words. I knew it had to be short...but I never realized that under two pages was the requirement! I had a hard enough time writing scholarship essays!

So for practice, I wrote a little something up. It comes in at 797 words. And I don't know... it's probably crap. But if I'm ever going to be published in WW, then I've got to learn how to write crap that doesn't sound half bad - that they would consider publishing. Because honestly, I could really use $800.


This story was bought by Woman's World!!!

Oh, so dorky. So cheesy! But... that's what the WW readers want! Right? I don't know. You try to write an uplifting story in under 800 words.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

In Ute Country

I had the opportunity to cross enemy lines today and see how things are done in the heathen country up north. The Utes are brutal. It doesn't matter that the BYU vs Utah game isn't until November, the Utes take every chance they get to berate and condemn BYU.

Like harassing the city cops who are directing traffic, simply because they are wearing blue.

Scenes like this were not uncommon. At the tailgate party we attended before the game, I head of a story about a guy bringing a stuffed cougar (toy) and pulling it on a string while the tailgaters spit on it and threw things on it, stomped on it and then, ultimately, it wound up being set on fire.

That's probably not the greatest idea, simply because it was probably a lot of intoxicated over-zealous fans playing with fire. I don't think I've seen so many people drinking in Utah at one time until today. Even I had to join in on the fun! KIDDING. (Gosh, Mom and Dad!) The brats were soaked in beer, though. Anyway...

The point is that the entire stadium was full of people ecstatic every time the announcer game an update on the BYU vs. Airforce game (BYU lost...badly). I'm trying to remember if BYU does that at their games when the Utes are losing. Do the Utes lose? I think they're pretty good...moving on. Also, while walking back to the car, you would hear random outburst of "BYU SUCKS!" and accompanying cheers. It was ridiculous, in a hilarious sort of way.

The game was fun. And hot! We were on the side of the stadium where the sun was hitting us for the entirety of the game. The other side of the stadium, I am pretty sure, were all shivering to death. But whatever... I'm burnt on the half side of my face. And I'm almost positive my eyeballs are sunburned, too.

We did have good seats, though, despite the sun. They were really accessible, and we didn't have a hard time getting out - of course, that may have to do with the fact that half the spectators left before the game was over because Utah was trouncing UNLV... it wasn't much of a game. It would have been worse if U of U had actually played well... Whatever. The score was 38 to 10. As I said, not much of a game.

Now... this gentleman - yes, the one with the cane and KFC beard - was just your stereotypical University of Utah fan. Showering his neighbor (with what I assume is spittle) he would remind the defense to "CREAM THE KICKER!" and encourage the fans to "MURDER THE UMPS!"

Now, I'm all for a good quarterback sack - and we got a few, thanks to Old McDonald, I think - but MURDERING is a little bit out of control at a football game. Or maybe that's just how our brothers from the North roll...

This guy heard that I might be a graduate from BYU, and this is what I got...

A half-bird
Now, I was wearing the typical Red/Black/White combination seen on 99% of the Utah fans. But don't worry... I am not that much of a traitor. I may not have school spirit for BYU, but I do know who the real winners are!

No one seemed to notice that I wasn't wearing Utah attire. Go BUCKS!
I had Brad updating me on the game the whole time.

Thursday, September 09, 2010


You can finish the title of this post with "It's OFFICIAL!..."
  • ..."I'm conceited."
  • ..."I'm obsessed."
  • Or some other alternate that is similarly related.
I've been "celebrating" my graduation since I finished my stats class over a month ago. But I've also been checking Route Y nearly as often as I check my Facebook just to make sure they weren't going to revoke my degree... I don't know, I was really worried that something was going to come up and they were going to tell me that they weren't going to give me my diploma.
I think it is FINALLY safe to say that I'm officially done with school. Or until I decide I need to go back and get my teaching degree... but, I am a college graduate.

I know. You've all offered your congratulations a long time ago, so don't worry about making a big deal about this post. I'm going to have my own private celebration though. I really thought there was going to be a final hoop to jump through in order to make this happen, and I'm excited that that wasn't the case.

I don't think that when I get my diploma in the mail that I'll scan it and post a picture of it on my blog... then again... don't hold me to that...

Also, just for fun, search Google images for BYU Graduation and see how many pictures of graduates there are with 1) significant other or 2) they are pregnant or their significant other is pregnant or 3) a baby is pictured somewhere. There are a lot of graduates with babies.... sick. \

Er. I mean, good for them.

Since I didn't participate in any graduation ceremonies, I forewent getting pictures in a cap and gown anywhere traditional BYU grads get their picture taken. That's OK. I've imagined what I would look like in a cap and gown...and it isn't very flattering.

Still, I wanted to make sure my visual was correct, so I've included a picture of what would have happened had I graduated the traditional way, dressed really cute, had long hair and knew how to get onto the BYU soccer field in order to pose in semi-creative/cute poses. Whatever.

Who actually needs to participate in boring graduation ceremonies, when you have Photoshop on hand!?


Thaifoon has long been one of my favorite restaurants in Utah. My first visit was a business dinner when I worked at Novell. I got the Pad Thai, as it is almost always a safe choice, and tried some of the different appetizers and they were all really good. And that's what I have stuck with the few other times I've gone. I really like the atmosphere. It's dark and there is a water wall and cloth napkins... the music left a little something to be desired.

Last night, William and I went up to Thaifoon to celebrate his birthday and I decided to branch out. William ordered the Bankgkok Duck and I had the Mahi Mahi. Our server (who was fantastic) was kind enough to point out that the "crusted" part of the Mahi Mahi meant that it was fried, and I opted out of that. We had edamame for an appetizer.

Best. Dinner. Ever.

Everything was really good, but the Mahi Mahi was particularly delicious. The rice was so good and complimented the fish and I loved the little kick that the citrus-chili sauce had. I think I could eat it everyday.

It was our first experience with duck, which tasted pretty good but was a little too fatty for me. The duck salad was really yummy, though.

Because it was William's birthday, we also got a free dessert, and he chose what I think was probably the best choice on the menu. The Banana Caramel Spring Roll.... it was a perfect blend of flavors and texture. I didn't like the vanilla bean ice cream, but William ate that. And the rest of it was soooooo good. William even ate the mint leaf.

After dinner, I was stuffed. So we walked around Gateway and watched The Switch. I was expecting it to be like Big Daddy - read: funny - but it wasn't at all what I expected. I still haven't decided if I liked it. Though, I can probably say that I won't ever watch it again. The little boy in the movie was super adorable, though.

Overall, a top night. Happy Birthday, William.

Mmmm.... I'm eating the leftover edamame right now, wishing I had saved some Mahi Mahi for today's lunch.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Freshman to Graduate


This is the picture that was on my BYU Student ID card for all those many years. I feel like I have looked the same for my whole life, but I once had a teacher who looked at this picture then looked at me with my hand raised in the "here" position and did a double take. So I guess I have morphed into a less naive, more mature type person.


Monday, September 06, 2010

Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife

Kira showed this to me while we were waiting for our meat to...smoke?

Go to my blog to watch the attached videos. Hilarious.

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day marks the end of summer. School has often started, the nights are beginning to cool down and the pools close. It's depressing, but we celebrate it anyway by getting the day off work...which is totally rad.

I can't really account for the last few Labor Day weekends, though I suspect a few of them have been spent in Boise with my Uncle Allen and his family. Usually I waste the day sleeping, but this weekend was different - it felt longer. I accomplished much.

Saturday I woke up and watched Slumdog Millionaire at the BYU International Cinema. If you haven't seen it: go now. It is sooooo good, and totally worth all the hype that it received. BYU edited the film for us because it is rated R, but it is my understanding that the rating comes from thematic elements and not actual from bad content, language, etc. I recommend it x1000. From what I can tell, even BYU had very little to cut out. Go. See it. I can't believe I've only just now watched it.

Thank you, Facebook! I noticed that Holly was in town, so I made a point to snatch her and take her to the concert with me. It was great to see her!
Kira's dad works for Thanksgiving Point and got us the tickets. This is her adorable son, Owen. Thank you for the fun evening!
After the movie, I decided to take pity upon my poor car and take her to the Car Wash. I vacuumed the inside and scrubbed the outside. I'm afraid to look up how much I actually spent detailing my car, but I do have to admit, it was worth it - she looks so clean. I finished emptying out some of the things that I've been driving around with since my move and then I came home and baked a carrot cake to take up to Holladay for a BBQ with my cousins. That didn't really work out as planned, but I got to say hi to everyone, grab some food and run to Thanksgiving Point to see John Schmidt in concert with Kira and Holly. I've never actually been into Thanksgiving Point, and it is awesome! The stars were out in full force and the gardens are beautiful. I'm looking forward to going back when I have a little more time to explore.

Can I just say, I don't remember 9 a.m. church being so hard to get to...

Today I woke up to the smell of French toast and bacon. My roommates hosted a big breakfast for a lot of their friends. William -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WILLIAM -- came to represent the small numbers of my remaining posse. Our house still smells like bacon. After everyone left, I got some things together and headed up to South Jordan for a BBQ at Reuben and Kira's. This is where the real adventures began.
Owen in full agreement of the BBQ.

Reuben decided that we needed a grill for our meat, and that makes sense - it is Labor Day after all, and that typically comes with a BBQ of sorts.

The original plan was to grill up some meat, enjoy some water melon and head to the lake at Daybreak for a little kayaking/sailing. Reuben came home with a $16 grill and got the charcoal lit up. Bryce soon arrived to supervise the whole ordeal.

Of course, under Bryce's supervision, he managed to singe his arm hairs and burn his finger... but we won't judge him. Both Bryce and Reuben are pretty avid campers, and I usually trust them with fire -- if not a grill.

I think that we just didn't let the coals get hot enough before we tried to cook the meat. We were, after all, in a hurry to get to the lake before they closed for our water activities. But the fire kept going out, and the meat was cooking weirdly. In fact, it was more like we were smoking the steaks, hamburger and chicken. The chicken was turning a green, slimy color.... After much debate, we took the meat back inside to cook.

That was only after Reuben dropped the grill on the porch, causing much laughter between Kira and me... It was as if he didn't know there was a screen door. Like when you walk into a door because the glass is so clean...anyway...

We cooked the meat inside to make sure we wouldn't get food poisoning from eating undercooked meat.

One bite, and we were more concerned about getting cancer from the lighter fluid we were eating.

Owen is grossed out by the green, slimy chicken and lighter fluid.

So we gave up on the whole idea, deciding that none of us were quite ready for the grilling championships. I felt like a BBQ was such a grown up thing to be doing on Labor Day and I felt so sophisticated. But I think I love that this happened more. It was definitely entertaining.

The guys went down to the lake for a little sailing. And Kira and I played with this little guy.

And for dinner, we settled for the delicious, American favorite: In-N-Out.

Over all, it was a great weekend. But I'm definitely going to throw out there that we need some grilling lessons before our next BBQ.


I'm thinking of a new angle for how I should be spending my days.

I wake up, go to work and then come home and I'm not really sure what to do. I am, admittedly, sort of lost now that I have moved in with new roommates who aren't my best friends (...yet? Only time will tell.) and most of my besties have moved on and up.

I've never been one for routine. In school, I would make it a point to sit in a different seat every time I went to class. I don't like parking in the same spot. I hate doing my hair the same everyday. Etc. So setting up a daily routine hasn't really been on my to-do list. But now that I don't have anything else going on, I'm thinking that I should start one up so that I don't waste away the hours of my day watching Veronica Mars and Mad Men, which is what I have been doing (both really good shows, by the way...).

Any suggestions of what should be included in my routine?

I've already got the first part of the day figured out...

7:05 a.m. My alarm goes off
8:00-8:25 a.m. Roll out of bed and into the shower (it's quite a feat, I assure you)
9:00-9:30 a.m. Roll into work
12:30-2:00 p.m. Lunch (Lunch hours fall anywhere within those hours, and sometimes last the whole time, just depends on my mood.)
5:30-6:00 p.m. Go home

This new routine will have to include the following: more scripture reading, journal writing - Yes, I keep several blogs AND a journal. I'm conceited like that. One day, my progeny will thank me...

My ward seems to have a new activity going on every night. I want to attend some of the things, but honestly, reading the weekly list they send out exhausts me. I don't think I could handle all of the activities in every given week. I want to take a cake decorating class or something like that, but since I'm broke, a second job might be in order. Although, finding one job is hard enough at the moment. It seems selfish of me to think that I need two.

The nights come on fast, and will be faster now that winter is nigh upon us [insert groan here]. And I am thinking that an earlier bed time might help with the morning routine a little bit more.

Of course, tomorrow is a holiday, so even though we have a breakfast at my apartment at 9:30 a.m. (way too early for a holiday, if you ask me...) I'm obviously not starting the whole early bedtime routine tonight.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Unrealized Dreams

Chapters 1-4 of my first book, Unrealized Dreams have been made available on my blog. Check the Unrealized Dreams tab for the link.

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