Sunday, August 30, 2009

A story and a distress call

I got slapped in the face by an old man. Hard. Like, a real slap.

True story.

I flew in from Ohio on Tuesday night and had had my aunt park my car in the economy parking lot. So after struggling with my bag - which had a broken strap, again - I climbed onto the shuttle that took me to the parking lot. The bus was full of weary travelers and obviously people who do not use the public transportation system often. When the driver told us to let her know which stop we needed to get off, I am sure she meant for us to use the pull-cord that lights up the "Stop Requested" but the old man in the back didn't know. So he walked to the front of the bus and told the bus driver (who I thought looked a little exasperated, I know I was) and then on his way back he was swinging his arms as though he were on a cruise ship and not a small bus aisle, and then he SMACKED me across the face.

It was shocking. I was completely stunned. And then he tried to cup my face to make sure he hadn't left a mark and that I was OK. I waved him off, still disbelieving what had happened. He got off on stop 3, and as soon as he left, I pulled the cord so I could get off on stop 4.

As far as the distress call - everyone should be aware that I do not have TV or internet or a land line (though this has not affected me as much) at the house. I don't know why. It worked when I got home and then the next morning - nada. So I've been living in a big house, with a near-empty fridge and pantry with no TV, no internet, no job...

It's been fun.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend Sports

I love being home when my brothers and sister are involved in all their many sports activities. Obviously, I miss a lot of games living so far away, so it is nice to be able to catch a scrimmage or game - and in the case of this weekend, both.

Friday night we went to the Troy Memorial Stadium and watched Brad's football scrimmage. He is playing varsity this year, and it will be fun for everyone to go and be part of that atmosphere. I admit, I wasn't much into watching my own football team when I was in high school. I enjoyed the football games throughout my elementary and jr. high days, but high school was another story. First of all, when I was in grade school, the Troy football team was good. We had Ryan Brewer and he was amazing... that's all I really remember. That, and Jessica and me throwing Gobstoppers at William Harrelson's head. After the younger, innocent years, I remember learning devastating things about my best friend, and then leaving a football game in tears. I never did go back, except one final game senior year. We were rained out - lightning - and so it wasn't all that great. ANYWAY, the point is this. With Bradley on the field, the games are bound to be more exciting. First with someone to actually cheer for, second because Brad is fun to watch (even if he doesn't exactly know what he is doing all the time) and third, because the atmosphere of the football games are really exciting. There's the chill in the air, the beat of the marching band, the Friday night lights. I'm jealous. I think it will be really great to watch Brad every Friday. Let's just hope the team doesn't suck, again, this year.

Saturday was Mackenzie's soccer game. I've never been a soccer fan... (On the off chance that Courtney is going to read this, I end there.) Anyway, it was really fun to watch Mackenzie play, even if frustrating beyond all reason. These girls have been playing together for a while, and they still don't understand how to pass, how to kick towards a team member. It's as if they don't know how to aim at all. Then there's the minor problem that there seems to be a force field around the goal, and so they have an impossible time getting the ball anywhere near it. In fact, they spend most of the game playing defense. Their one goal was scored by what looked like the, uh, biggest girl on the team - and yet, she was the only one that really seemed to hustle and be in the game to win. Amy and I kept crying for BLOOD, SWEAT, and if we were lucky tears. But to no avail. Apparently these girls are pansies.

And then last night, we went as a family (sans's always sans Mark) to bowl. Now, bowling is a sport that I could get into. Of course, it's nearly impossible with the fact that ALL the balls are made for right-handed people. Which is, of course, ridiculous. The right-handed balls nearly break off my fingers! I did not bowl well. In fact, for the first time ever, I think I lost! I hate losing. I average a shabby 95-120. My record being 135...I think, and this time I got an 81. BOOOO! I blame the balls. Besides being right-handed, they were all too heavy. I tried to bowl right-handed, and barely managed to pick the ball up in my right hand. (Guess I need to work my right arm out a bit more...) All the lighter balls must have been hidden away or used by the other kids at the alley. I won't mention the fact that we also had bumpers on our land, and still managed to suck.

Our family went out to dinner to a favorite, Friendly's. It is simply the most delicious ice cream, and very Midwest. Even though I've lived in Provo for five years - the ice cream capital of the U.S. - I still crave Friendly's. The shabby joint, that smells like an old person's house and plays music from the 50s, has the best ice cream sundaes in the world. I strayed from my original cookie dough ice cream with peanut butter and hot fudge and tried their pistachio ice cream. Delicious.

To top the whole weekend off, it has been perfect Midwest, end-of-the-summer weather, with rain and cool breezes. Almost chilly and absolutely lovely. It gets me in mind for chili and football games. I love it.

Friday, August 14, 2009

New Moon


Sucked in again...I swore that after Twilight I wouldn't be so excited for New Moon but after seeing this, I really can't help it.

Anyone else excited about the 30lbs bigger that Taylor worked so hard to gain in order to play Jacob?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Case of the Missing Refrigerator Shelf

Today for work (with my Uncle) I took on the task of cleaning out the refrigerator. It was a fairly arduous process and one that took a couple of hours (having food to feed 10 people is a fairly big task in the first place, after all, and Jennie hadn't even gone shopping!)

I started with emptying the fridge and wiping down the outside. And then once the appliance was completely empty, I unloaded all of the different shelves and relocated them outside where I could hose them off and wash them in a tub of dish soap. The loading and unloading with these awkwardly shaped shelves, that were constantly falling apart due to their multiple-piece design (sliding trays, plexi-glass pieces, etc.) made it incredibly difficult to manuever many of them at a time. One minute I was certain the glass would fall and shatter because of everything I had in my hands - the next minute I was carrying only two baby shelves. You know, the kind where you put the butter?

I decided that washing dishes in the front lawn, while admittedly redneck, is particularly pleasant in the summer. The mist of the hose being blown into your face, the accidental back splash onto your pants... it was all very refreshing, and nice to be out in the sun during the day. I've been doing office work, which I typically enjoy - however, it has been a while since I have been "cooped" in an office for 7 hours a day, and the quick jump into it this week has adjustment. :) Ok, I know... the real truth is, that I haven't worked since November. And I happen to LIKE being a bum. Working for 8 hours a day was never going to happen my first week back on the job.

Anyway. When the time came to replace the shelves in the newly scoured fridge (it was looking good...) I realized that I needed help with the puzzle. I've never been very good, or patient, with puzzles so I recruited my co-worker, aka my cousin, Quin, and he and I set to work. Luckily, he made a fairly quick job of it - with only a few set backs - and we had everything in in no time. The only problem was, there seemed to be a lot of extra space.

That's what clean fridges look like. Right? Well, the thing was, both Quin and I were fairly certain that there was a shelf missing. But there wasn't really anywhere it could be. I hadn't being strewing appliance shelves all over the house and yard. My "mess" had been fairly contained on the kitchen counters, the hood of the truck and in the bathwater. If we weren't seeing the dumb thing, then it didn't exist. The fridge was just clean.

Or so we pretended. Quin knew better than I did. After all, he lives here. But when Aunt Jennie came home, she probably thought that we were completely retarded, because who just doesn't put the last shelf in the fridge? Orin, of course, was the one who really mentioned something during dinner. And if Orin notices that it is missing, it truly did exist and was in fact missing.

The question was: Where was the allusive shelf?

Did someone steal it from the bath water while it was soaking outside? Did the dog try to eat it? I KNEW I hadn't dropped it and broke it and then tried to hide the evidence... my aunt and uncle might have suspected foul play but I was innocent. Those darn construction workers, surely they wouldn't STEAL the tray?

False. All false. The missing shelf was located, sitting neglected and unwashed on a wooden stool on the OTHER side of the truck. So, I stuck the dirty thing in, washed it quickly and returned it to the kitchen. Now that the food is all back in, I dare someone to try and fit that loner shelf in there. He probably liked it on the black stool anyway.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Wesley Woods 2009

Please excuse the hideousness that camp often brings to photos. But I did promise to post some...and here they are.

We've been going to Wesley Woods for over 20 years. I have so many fond memories of Wesley Woods, and it's hard to imagine a year when we wouldn't go (although getting easier with the fear that one day they're going to put ME in charge of something...*shudder*)

But the more we try to come with an idea of where else we could go... It just doesn't seem like there is anything that can service our family better. Wesley Woods is secluded, but it's a campground - so we're plenty spread out with different activities such as a pool, BASKETBALL, playground, pond for fishing and paddle boating, crafts, card games and of course, kitchen duty.

The camp is a lot of work. There is a lot of packing that you have to worry about. We're only there from Thursday to Sunday. But that means bringing fans to keep cool (it's HOT & STICKY nearly every year), plenty of clothes for basketball, swimming and everything in between, blankets, linens, and LOTS of food that all has to be prepared. And then making sure it is clean enough that they let us come back the next year.

I wanted to post the video Camille made...but can't figure out how to do it. I will try again at some point...


Ice cream is a favorite treat. Kelsie is a favorite baby.

So we went to Coldstone for a little cold treat (and frankly, to get out of the house) and while we were enjoying our personal favorites, another family walked passed us and I noticed that the little boy was particularly excited to see the baby in Amy's arms. He wanted to say "hello" but his mom was trying not to disturb us.

So I invited him over, letting Amy that the little boy wanted to say "hi" and so she turned and said hello and he got REALLY excited. He was just so happy to see the baby. And then he attempted to touch the baby, and when he stroked his little finger against her arm, he squealed. It was pretty much the most hilarious thing ever.

We asked his name and he told us, "3!" Very enthusiastically. (His mom told us that his name was Julian - I'm assuming he's just used to answering how old he is, as most kids are programed to do.)

Julian kept trying to touch Kelsie's head and arms before she could make contact with him. He would hide behind his mom and laugh and laugh and squeal and giggle. And we all had a good time laughing at his enjoyment. I've never seen a little boy - who didn't even have a younger sister - so happy to be around a baby. He was thrilled! And more so when he was able to play with her for a few seconds.

So thanks, Julian, for the amusement.

(I tried to get a picture, but my camera was past Cinderella hour and had depleted batteries...too bad.)

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Typical Ohio Weather

I'm in Ohio right now.

I wanted to post something about my reunion in Winchester, KY. But I am waiting to find out where the video that I want to post with it is. (And pictures, too...)

So instead - I will just discuss the weather. Because, people, it's 69 degrees. In August. I really shouldn't have to say more. That doesn't seem cold, but I swear it feels colder when the wind is blowing and the clouds are covering the sun. Pretty typical.

But I love it. Why? Because it feels more like fall. And I love the fall in Ohio. Granted, it is very green right now - so while it doesn't look like fall - it feels like fall and it smells like fall. And I love it.

There isn't a lot to do, so our family goes on walks. We attempt to walk the dog. In fact, seeing Amy being dragged across the baseball diamonds was pretty much the highlight of the evening. She had to grab a tree in order to stop herself from literally being pulled by Rusty before Bradley could save her. Her screams were attractive...and hilarious. Rusty isn't exactly well-behaved for us on his walks.

Anyway, I hope the temperature doesn't drop too much because I didn't bring anthing warmer than a pair of jeans, flip-flops, and a t-shirt.

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