Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Weirdies at the Bonfire

SO last night for FHE I decided that we needed to have a bonfire. Because they are fun, and I enjoy them quite a bit. Also, s'mores.

Becca and I drove up to Nunns Park in the Canyon a half hour early to claim our spot. It was already getting sort of dark, so when we pulled in and walked around, we took the first place we found that was open. Luckily, there was a family at another spot with a fire already lit that offered for us to have it, to which we took and began conjuring stories about how we built the fire with flint and our own two hands. Every few minutes, we ventured away from our little fire to find tinder, to keep it going. Sticks, mulch, weed...I mean weeds, and the like. As we were venturing, these two people were shining flashlights on us and where we were hunting. The lights helped us find some really great poking sticks, so we didn't mind...even if we did feel like runaway convicts trying to escape the security guards.

After one such adventure, we were sitting and admiring our poking sticks, and talking when a really old couple approached us...with the flashlights. The lady, who reminded me of Dr. Frankenstein, mumbled something, and I turned off the music on my phone and said, "Excuse me?" She asked if we were camping and I said, uh, no. And then they both, Frankenstein and her husband, Igor...who I then recognized to have only 1/2 a face because the other half had been paralyzed by a stroke or something, started chanting and moving closer, "You can't be here. You must leave. Get out. Get out!"

We said, whoa there lady... we just showed up, these people gave us their fire, (we didn't want to claim it as our own crafty work with her yelling at us) and she got all snippy and said, "You have to leave. You didn't pay for this spot. You have to go to the picnic area. This is the camping area. Put out your fire and get out of here." To which we happily responded, "well...here's the thing. Our group is coming with something to put the fire out. We don't have anything. We'll just wait until they get here." And she pointed to the river with her clawed hands, there's a creek right there.

To which we said...yes. That's true. Good job. But we don't have ANYTHING to carry the water in. Do you want us to take off our shirt and dip it in the water, and then ring the shirt out in the fire? Should we carry the water in our hands? I promise, that does not work!

She pointed to our plastic bag (the one full of s'more stuff) and said, you can use the bag. I told her that we'd just stay there until our group came, thanks, and then we'll put out the fire. But this was unacceptable. We couldn't stay a moment longer, we had to put out the fire and leave. Igor scampered off and seconds later brought us a bucket from the shack, we now suspect, they live. Becca climbed down to the river and nearly fell in and drowned, right as our group was arriving. We had to explain the whole thing to them, and then relocate the fire to the "PICNIC AREA" where we had to rebuild our fire...which made me so mad because the other fire was the PERFECT s'more making fire.

Igor and his mistress were kind enough to let us keep the bucket. I think she was sweet on Skye, who we made ask for the continued use of it. She really did not like me, though.


  1. There are some mighty creepy peeps in this world, and I've come across my fair share (old man Bob from PI being one of them...). Although, Frankenstein-like old grandmas do tend to be the creepiest.

  2. Seriously, Bob's fingernails were so long, he could totaly do nothing to dress up for Halloween and be the scariest one at the party.

    Those people did sound really scary, though. I probably would have ran home crying when they first talked to me and not even tried to stay to meet up with my group.

  3. So reading your post reminded me of the time I was camping with some friends back in Provo and there was a VERY WEIRD man and his 'woman' that told us to move to a different spot that we weren't approved to be camping where we were...so yeah..I wonder if it's the same person! The one speaking had a harelip or something and the other one translated for him...WEIRD!


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