Monday, November 07, 2011

Don't Call Me Crazy

I went to Kneaders for lunch today at noon. I hate going anywhere at noon for lunch, but especially Kneaders. It's always packed and the one in Orem has parking for about 10 cars. So I parked a mile away, walked to the building and walked in and my ears were immediately assaulted with Christmas music and there were Christmas trees and ornaments and all manner of "Holiday" trimmings.

The Thanksgiving "shelf" was on a small, separate counter. It had.... two Indians and one turkey. One miniscule corner of brown and then all sorts of red and green.


I know it's a losing battle, but every year I get so worked up. I had the thought that it was probably a good thing that I wasn't just a titch crazier than I am...and good that I don't carry a concealed weapon. I seriously wanted to pop a cap in the speaker blaring I'll be Home for Christmas.

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  1. I LOVE Christmas. Love the holiday and everything it stands in need of BUT what I can't stand is the Christmas overkill right after Halloween. By the time Christmas comes, people are so done with the holiday that they don't really appreciate the actual holiday itself. Savannah has been listening to Christmas music constantly and it's driving me crazy. I refuse to start listening to Christmas music until the Friday after Thanksgiving... maybe not even until the first of December.


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