Thursday, August 08, 2013


In order to save money, I am considering the following:

  1. No more wearing make-up.
  2. Or getting my hair done.
  3. Wearing sack cloth dresses everyday. (Less maintenance, easy to wash and care for, no accessories needed, only one pair of shoes needed...)
  4. Changing my diet to 1) 1 bag of carrots a week...and, oatmeal?
  5. Becoming even more reclusive than I already am (no social life means less money spent, sitting in the dark saves energy, not going anywhere saves on gas)

Sure, I might just be a homely hermit in this scenario. A 27-year old with gray hairs and blotchy skin...but at least I won't be spending $100 at WalMart for a few make-up products and lunches for work.


  1. I believe you were telling me about a poor man's diet last week - potatoes and bean/bacon soup.

  2. Hey, you just described me!
    Except the carrot part. Those are expensive. Go with potatoes and beans. Rice is also cheap. :)


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