Saturday, November 16, 2013

Troubles of a Stuffy Nose

Two things that shouldn't have to happen, but when they happen, they should never be in the same week:

1. Killing a spider that crawled on your eyelid. (YES! EYE. LID.) Finding a spider in your room is bad enough; finding a spider in your bed is grounds for burning down your house. BUT having a spider somehow manage to jump (because really- you'd think someone could feel a thing crawling in their face) from the window sill (maybe) to your face is traumatizing at best.

2. Developing a cold where you will inevitably be a mouth-breather all night because there is absolutely no clear airway through your nose.

See the problem? That statistic that says we eat 8 spiders a year, or something along those lines, no longer seems so far fetched.

1 comment:

  1. that makes me want to cry... i may not sleep tonight just having read that... except i have a newborn and am so sleep deprived nothing could prevent sleep when i'm in a horizontal position, but still, seriously disturbing


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