Monday, May 05, 2014

Please RSVP

Have I complained about this (on my blog) before?

Why is it that people are so reluctant to commit to...well, anything, really? But especially to parties and events. I just want to throw a nice party and have enough food and favors for everyone, and all I get are non-responses and "maybe". MAYBE. What the does that mean? How do you plan for a maybe? Well, I might be there. But I might not be. I'm mysterious like that, and you should love me anyway.


Can't you just check your calendar and say, "I have nothing going on and would love to attend, so yes. Yes I will be there," or "Dang. I'm already booked for that day and time. I can't rearrange my schedule because I've already committed to something else. Sorry, I won't be there"?

What I really want to say is, Hey y'all: when RSVPing, just remember that a "maybe" or a non-response isn't really helpful. AT ALL.When planning party favors and food, it's preferable to have an accurate number of who will or will not be there. (Imagine that.)

I know it's not fun saying "no", especially when you love and support the guest of honor, but if it is an accurate representation of whether or not you'll be at the party, then please just say "no". And if you you will do everything that you can to be there then say "yes"! We'll understand if something comes up...

Because, you know, I would understand if something comes up. (Including sudden bouts of complete anti-social tendencies where you literally cannot leave the house. Trust me, I know all about those.)

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  1. I agree. But Facebook events are different than most other ones. I think if you really want people to come, you send a paper invite. Facebook is a breeding ground for the passive aggressive, and events are no exception. If it matters to me to have people there, and know who's coming and who's not, paper invites are the only way.


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