Monday, July 28, 2014


I'm sitting at my uncle's house, who is a bishop in our church and he has paraphernalia all over. We bless every meal, and say family prayer at night and it is really nice. I sat down at his computer, and he had open, and so on a whim I decided to peruse around the site, because I don't log on except to access my scriptures in Sunday School once a week and it'd been a while since I had really looked at the site.

I was struck with how much doesn't seem to be applicable to me and my current stage in life. As a late-twenty something, I don't fit the mold that most of my peers do. I'm still single. And I don't have kids.

So articles about raising kids, or nourishing marriages don't apply to me. Even under the resources page, there are things specifically for home and family, marriage, children, youth . . . (welfare, but that doesn't apply to me either).

I'm not saying that I don't find things in the church that aren't relevant to me--I'm obviously still in the church, and I'm not going anywhere. For all that I find fault in, I find 100 other reasons to stay. I love the gospel and there is hope and peace to be found in it.

But sometimes its exhausting. It's exhausting trying to find a place where you don't fit the standard mold. It's exhausting trying to see through the culture to get to the doctrine. And every time I go to a family ward, I feel even more weary.

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  1. There's hope Shelli! I officially moved into a family ward with my last birthday. Yep, that's right, I flunked out of the singles' ward. But, I have got to say the Lord was looking out for me because I am in THE best family ward. Ever. It's been a very long time since I have felt this welcome and wanted in any ward. Something will work out that is best for you. Trust that!


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