Monday, October 26, 2015

Nova Scotia

At the beginning of the month, the FTC flew into Halifax, Canada, and explored for our annual birthday trip.

It was beautiful, and fun, and I let those two reprobates take all the good pictures of the three of us.

I was super stoked to find this delicious treat in Canada! I lived off of this stuff in high school, because it has a good amount of sugar to make me act like a total drunkard.

The Green Gables

We managed to avoid four moose on the Skyline trail. They made us only slightly nervous when we stumbled upon them right in the middle of our trail.

The worst part of Nova Scotia is the food. Pizza everywhere--both good and bad. And French fries. And literally, not much else. We had the worst luck.

The area's stunning, natural beauty made us gasp and squeal with glee. And I'm sure that the few people we encountered probably thought we were total idiots. We had trouble with the tolls. We swooned over the pretty bills. (I now understand why Canadians make fun of our money all the time.) And we kept getting caught by older couples in the middle of our totally inappropriate, albeit hilarious, conversations.

It really was a beautiful trip, and despite the fact that the customs agents all thought we were crazy for going somewhere "so remote" and seemed genuinely confused as to why we would vacation there at all, (Probably because it was way off-season, and the few people we did encounter were older than us by at least 40 years, everywhere we went.) I would totally go back again.

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