Monday, November 01, 2010

Dear MVH, You Suck!

Submission to the editor of the Dayton Daily News.

NAME: Shelli Bollschweiler*
ADDRESS: 1944 * 840 *
CITY: Provo
ZIP: 8460*
DAYTIME PHONE: 9373**8312
EVENING PHONE: 9373**8312
EMAIL: shelli@km**
LETTER: Changes in the structure of employment at Miami Valley Hospital in the IT department have recently been enacted. Men and women that have worked 10+ years have been reorganized into dead end jobs without ways to advance. Or they can quit, relinquishing years of retirement, rightfully earned and upsetting plans for any future. Those who voice concerns are fired or disregarded. This is America! The 21st century! How can they do this? It reminds me of the early factories where people were forced to work for pennies a day, all day without breaks and safety measures. Trapped because they had to provide for family and left to be bullied by the bosses, workers felt they hadn't other options. One man - as I’m sure there are many - now leaves work to go to a second and third job that he's picked up to help. Gone are the days of going home to his family, volunteering at church and, heaven forbid, relaxing. And he's only taken half the cut. By the time the hospital is through, he will lose $10,000 per annum. It is disgraceful and appalling. To think that a company meant for good by healing the sick and afflicted, is causing so much stress and heartache for the good families of the Miami Valley is horrifying. I feel for the helplessness and hopelessness of the situation, but what can truly be done except to call "foul!" and hope that MVH will learn how to value their hardworking employees.

*Name changed to protect the innocent.

This in no way portrays the emotions I'm really feeling, but they wouldn't let me submit anything longer than 250 words. Which is probably fine... the rest of the words I wanted to use included things that needed * and would have looked more like #&*BS&!%*(##!^&@*FU)(&!!!A@@!&^#&^*!% instead of actual, intelligent writing.

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