Monday, April 16, 2012

This Weekend

Since Bethany's Birthday fell on a Tuesday night, we pushed celebrations back until Friday. Then we loaded up and headed to Trafalga where we played a rousing game of mini-golf in chilly temperatures, hit some of the arcade games (Tommy impressed everyone with the highest boxing score -- he is stronger than all the middle school students in Lehi!) and Bethany and I tried a few laps on the Go-Karts.

Happy Birthday, Bethany!
 The Go-Karts were kind of silly, because there were only two of them. I had the double-seater and decided to let this kid in line double up with me -- and he wanted to drive. So I let him. I thought it was pretty magnanimous of me, but he didn't even say thank you or anything.

After the Go-Karts, we finished playing some arcade games and Bethany cashed in her tickets for friendship bracelets. We went to Cold Stone and had a brownie and then came home and went to bed!

Saturday I woke up periodically, but decided to get out of bed when I noticed that I had received a text from the Tommy Brittain Gun Club saying that we were meeting in an hour.

Tommy Brittan Gun Club
The scope on the handgun was dead, so I spent a lot of time shooting the shotguns this time around. I did a lot better than the last time -- I even had some of the first shots with those blasted guns. It was really, really fun, as usual!

Afterwards, I went and got Thai with a friend and we watched The Hunger Games. I think it is better the second time 'round. And then I went home and started reading the book again. So. Good. I stayed up way too late last night finishing it.

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  1. This looks like it was a great time. Having good friends that include you on this kind of thing are rare and wonderful to have.
    Always offer to help pay for some ammo or, better yet, buy a box and give as a gift.


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