Monday, April 23, 2012

Facebook Messages

I happened to open my Facebook messages today and found a whole bunch of random "emails" that I've never seen before. All from random people that don't have pictures, for instance:
Alan B*nder
  • hey there
    hey there Shelli. you look fantastic.
    email me. my emai is for my personal images.
    make sure to send it there and not through FB. -June 23, 2011
Or this one, sent on Friday:
Faris Al*in
  • how r u?

    Im Faris from UAE

    Studying in Cali State university Long Beach

    I like going to gym, beach,
    soccer, volleyball......

    I love traveling been to: UK,
    greece, Australia, singapore,
    thailand, malaysia, thinking to
    go to Spain and Italy soon.....

    Lets chat
I wonder how many responses they actually get? Is it because I complain about being single too much?

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  1. I received similar messages, thanks for sharing.


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