Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pigs; for Real?!

One of my favorite things about having Kelsie in town was the funny things she says. It's exhausting keeping her entertained, then keeping her awake when she's too tired to be in a good mood, then dealing with her random bursts of energy when she decides you are her personal jungle gym.

We were driving in the car and Kelsie mentioned that she was going to eat her arm, and I asked her if she was a cannibal.

"What's a cannibal?" She asked. (I love when she doesn't know a word, she'll ask what it means.)

I tried to explain to her that it meant eating a person the same way she eats cows, or chickens, or pigs.

"Pigs?!" She said, with a weirded-out look on her face. "For real?"

Later in the week, we went to IHOP (because, embarrassingly enough, Amy and I cannot stay away), and Kelsie was eating her bacon.

"I'm eating a pig!" She shouted, and took another bite.

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