Thursday, November 08, 2012

Life's Big Questions

I don't know why so many people get hung up on the BIG three questions that everyone seems to ask: Where did we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going?

After all, we have the general answers to these questions. God gave them to us. You can find them in messages from our prophet here on earth, and searching the scriptures.

No. Those aren't the big questions. The big questions are more like:

How in the world do we actually get into relationships? Not just romantic ones; though, certainly I mean those the most. But also friendships. How does it happen?

How do you decide on THE thing that you are supposed to be doing with your life? How do people come up with a career path?

And how/where in the world do you find the motivation, dedication, and discipline to completely change your life? Especially after you've been doing the same thing for so, so very long.


  1. The relationship one... that's very personal to each individual, so no advice.

    The career one... also very personal to each individual, also no advice. (and i never figured it out, but let's not focus on that)

    Last question, I think you pray and have to be at the point where you really want the happiness that change can bring--even with all the heartache and stress that automatically comes with the package. It also helps me to write down why I'm doing whatever drastic move/change so when the doubt comes (which it does and knowing it will come makes it easier to handle) you know what you're doing and you can weather the storm.

  2. Relationships are a numbers game, in my opinion. They're also about being open to whatever comes your way---even if it's not who/what you expected. Don't get attached to outcomes, but be OPEN and willing to try new things. I think it may also be about "loving the one you're with," whether it's loving yourself, or deciding to go for it with a person who is giving you attention, even if you don't think he's Mr. Right. A lot of Mr. or Mrs. Right's start out as maybes or even nevers.... :) Someone who you might NEVER consider a love interest could morph into one.

    We don't know each other, but I enjoy your blog and am in the same boat. It's a let go and let God kind of thing. Surrender.


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