Tuesday, November 06, 2012


Why I wanted Romney to win:

There are lots of reasons, but I can sum up my reasons in three or four points. I wanted Romney to win because I trust him more than Obama, I think he's a hard worker, I know his morals and his standards and I agree with them.

I wanted him to have the opportunity to prove himself. There have been so many things that Romney has had to spend his entire campaign fighting against (e.g. his Mormonism) that he didn't have the chance to really focus on the real issues. He also had to work against the people in his party who kept making absolutely ridiculous comments ("legitimate rape", etc.) that had nothing to do with him.

And with the economy being the big issue, I think that Romney is the man better suited for the job. There was a lot of criticism towards Mitt and his inability to give his plans to HOW he was going to balance the books and create jobs, but, I attribute that to the fact that he needed a chance to see the books.

Watching some of the news programs and the coverage on the election, there have been comments about what's next for the Republican party? The thing that I like best about Romney, is that he is a moderate. Is the GOP lamenting the fact that they didn't chose someone more conservative? I hope not. If the uber-conservatives that have made news throughout the campaign, the ones that have alienated women, the Hispanic voters, etc., are representatives of what the conservative side is supposed to be  There was a comment that the Democrats are more representative of the landscape of America, while the Republicans are looking backwards. I didn't think that was true of Romney. Despite his Mormonism, despite his wealth, despite the stickler things that he has been criticized for this past year, I think that Romney was the man we needed to do the job and I think that he is forward thinking enough to have done it.

But the election has been called. There's not much hope that there is a stack of Romney ballots in Ohio and among the other swing states that will change the tide. Four more years with circumstances largely the same. I think America can weather it. I'm not saying that we won't be worse for the wear, but I think we'll survive. I'm interested to see how Obama will run these next four years, now that he doesn't have to worry about an upcoming election. 


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