Wednesday, February 13, 2013


While I was in Kuna last, my aunt mentioned The Lizzie Bennett Diaries. How had I never heard of these before?! I don't know...but I spent the weekend rectifying the situation. (If I haven't convinced you to look at them yet, do so now. Start with episode one, here.)

Only moments ago I was talking to a friend about how I would be terrible at speed dating. Our ward held such an activity on Monday, and I couldn't go because I was at work late. (If you doubt that I was going to go, I'll have you know that I dressed for the occasion, even if I hadn't completely decided...) Anyway, I told her that I am terrible at things like speed dating because I am absolutely wretched at small talk.

I come off as a... b^+<''.

Anyway, as I was thinking about that, I realized: I am Darcy. As in, Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. He comes off as arrogant and proud, even though his friends are deeply devoted to him. He's awkward in large social settings, and says thinks bluntly that come off as horrible... As I said.

I was pretty please with my introspection; not moments later, I stumble upon this:

I didn't even look at the bottom to see who was who, or where the flow chart was leading, and what do you know? I ended up at Darcy, twice. There was one question where I could have gone either way, and I still ended up being Darcy.



  1. Oh goodness, you ARE Darcy. Can I just refer to you from now on as Mr Darcy, my love monkey?

  2. I found that I am either Darcy or Charlotte, depending on wether or not I decide to endure dull conversation or walk away.

  3. I also found myself as Darcy or Jane, depending on my ability to forgive. What does it say about our group of friends if three of us are Darcy-oriented?

  4. I WAS THE FRIEND! I feel like I've reached some level of stardom now.

    And how did you guys get such constant answers? Based on my mood I feel I could be almost all of them. I'm just fickle I suppose.


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