Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Another Reason to Shop Online

I got off work late, had to scrape my car off for the second time today, and found that the roads were still...treacherous. I drove home about 20 mph under my usual and with my hazards on. I still had both hands on the wheel, my back ramrod straight, and my heart in my throat. For the record, it was not even still snowing.

So, considering the 15- turned 30-minute drive home, I decided that I was in no way going to go out and run all the errands that I needed to do. Instead, I've sat down and started shopping online. Yup I'm buying light bulbs online.

If today is any indication of what winter is going to be like (and I'm not just talking about the weather), then this is going to be a long, dreary winter. Let's hope it is NOT indicative of what this season is going to bring.

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