Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wherein I take over Shelli’s blog and Shelli learns she should not use the same password for everything

If you’ve been following Shelli’s Facebook feed, you’ll notice that I’ve been posting “on her behalf” (aka, I hacked her page and then wrote whatever I wanted).  I’ve now done the same to her blog—she should really learn that using the same password for all her accounts isn’t a good idea. BUT, it is good news for me because now I can use her blog to tell you a little story.

I met Shelli about six years ago. I worked at a local software company as a writer and it was her first day as the marketing coordinator. Our boss set her in the cubicle next to mine and I remember going over to make the obligatory small talk. I told her that if she needed me to show her around to let me know—little thinking that she would actually take me up on my offer.

A few hours later she popped in and said, “Ok, I’m ready for my tour.” I am notoriously unfriendly, so I was horrified that I would have to spend time with another human being. But Shelli approached our friendship the same way she approaches everything else: with enthusiasm and courage. Six years later we’re still friends—almost all of which I attribute to her incredible tenacity.

Here’s the thing: I know these qualities will keep her going during her chemo treatments. But no amount of enthusiasm, courage, or tenacity will help her pay the mountain of bills she’s already starting to incur.

The AVERAGE cost of one chemotherapy treatment is now approximately $10,000. She will need six. And that’s ON TOP of the doctors visits, CT scans, blood work, and surgery. Yes, she has insurance, but as we all know, that only covers so much.

So I’m asking again—please donate. Shelli shouldn’t have to worry about paying her bills when she should be focusing on getting well again. And she really shouldn’t have to put her life on hold once she does get well to pay off her treatments.

If you have any questions or have any ideas on how to raise additional funds, please contact me at

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