Friday, February 13, 2009

Only at BYU

The title sounds like I may be berating BYU - but not today. No, today I was reminded why I am at BYU and why I do...sometimes, like it.

I just witnessed, I think, the coolest thing that I am going to see on campus this year. I was sitting in the lobby typing away on my computer on the very bench that I had previously, and not so comfortably, taken an hour nap, when - and I am not sure what happened - a girl walked out of the ladies' restroom asking for the assistance of some of the guys. Was there a priesthood holder available to give a blessing for her friend? The friend was writhing pain and barely able to walk. Immediately, these worthy priesthood holders jumped to their feet, even if a little confused on what they would do if the girl could not make it out of the bathroom. She did though, and when the initial guy admitted that he didn't have oil another guy was quick to his side offering his. The blessing was given quickly, earnestly, and efficiently. Afterwards, several girls who had watched the proceedings, jumped in their own help by offering pain killers and a water bottle. The girl needing the blessing walked away soon after - I sincerely hope that she is OK.

I, of course, sat and watched the whole thing. I guess I could have called 911, if it were needed. But it was clear that the rest of the lobby had everything under control. Besides, I really don't have anything to offer. If she went into cardiac arrest I could have asked for an AED and done CPR - she probably could have been revived after I cracked a few ribs. Anyway, I was so impressed with the whole scene that I wrote to the Daily Universe. I hope one of these heroes reads about themselves on Monday, knowing that someone witnessed everything and was truly touched. I was especially impressed with the girl who came racing out of the bathroom asking for help. If it had been me, I would have gone through everyone in my phone; never would I have thought to ask the perfectly worthy men that I am surrounded by every day.


Of course, a few minutes later, another guy entered the lobby on his cell phone threatening to kill people, saying things like, "I could strangle you right now," and "If you dance with that guy...". Funny how one guy can ruin the whole moment...

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  1. I'm glad it was that guy instead of me. I'm usually the one ruining stuff.

    BYU is definitely unique in good and not as good ways. But I loved it while I was there. I'm glad you see the good, too.


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