Sunday, November 08, 2009

The Box

I walked outside tonight because I needed to run to the store and was struck with awe at how beautiful our view is at 1:00 am. Our house is located at the base of the mountains and with the mountains and the clear sky, the distance from much of the city lights - it's beautiful. I can't believe how bright the stars are. They literally catch my attention every time I step outside. Tonight they were shining so brightly that I know that if I knew ANY constellations, I would have been able to see them all. It was so stunning.

That, of course, was the up side of my night. The downside was paying $9 to go see one of the worst movies ever made.

If only I had read this before I went to see it:

I feel compelled to warn the human race!
by Frank (movies profile) Nov 7, 2009
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I would rather let a medical intern practice inserting a urinary catheter into me for 2 1/2 hrs. By far the worst story line for a movie I have ever seen. A third grader must have written this movie. Do yourself a favor and go watch old people eat for 2 1/2 hrs at the Old Country Buffet, that would be much more entertaining.
So basically, do what the man says and go somewhere, ANYWHERE and save yourself the money. The plot is weird, and just...dumb. The acting is so-so. I believe that actors can only do as well as the screenwriter and the director give them. In this movie, it wasn't much at all. I sat through the nearly two hour movie (thinking that I had wasted five hours of my life) wondering how Cameron Diaz or James Mardsen could even get through their lines without wondering WHY they were there in the first place. There were a few jumpy scenes. But ultimately, it was DUMB, BORING and basically torture to sit through. The group of people in front of us got up and left, and I promise that I was sitting through the movie wondering if I could get away with doing the same thing. At one point, Becca and I were rolling our eyes behind Jake's back while he was rolling his eyes at Kevin in front of me. (That doesn't describe what happened very well, but basically the roommates were making the EXACT same face of boredom and torture to each other...)

So don't go see it. If only for your sanity. It's not worth it. And I may feel just a bit dumber now having watched it. It doesn't even look good on the trailer. And trust me - it's not.

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