Wednesday, November 04, 2009

tu mama es la rana estrana de mi corazon

I don't like when I call someone and I am ignored.

I don't think anyone likes that - but I can be particularly annoying about it. If, say, my mom doesn't answer her cell phone when I call, I will try the house phone and then Amy's phone and then Dad's phone... And then my mom again. Of course, this is just because I know that she is likely just charging her phone and doesn't hear it. But you get the point. I'm annoying.

But that isn't what happened when I called Meghan the other day and she didn't answer. I didn't leave a message or anything. But apparently I woke her from her nap, and that was enough for her to do to me what I do to others.

Namely, she called and left me seven messages of a random variety that were meant to be annoying and instead made me laugh - out loud. I can't remember what they all said, but some of them went as follows:

  • Did you know that the wanker of a killer whale is over 2ft long? Message one.
  • Did you hear on the news that.... Message two.
  • tu mama es la rana estrana de mi corazon. Message three.
  • Cat pee glows under a fluorescent light. Message four.
  • Etc.
Who could ask for cooler friends?

On a completely separate note...

My boss just informed me that our Christmas party will be before Thanksgiving. Not only that, but considering the fact that my entire office is of the married species, I, too, am meant to bring a date. Kevin warned me that they would all be checking said date out to make sure he is suitable.
"I guess that means I need to bring one of the good ones," I quipped.
It's a running joke in my office that I am somewhat of a party girl and have many boyfriends to spare.


Where exactly do I find one of these good boyfriends that I supposedly have on hand?

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