Friday, July 02, 2010

Happy Birthday Father(land)!

I was just thinking that I should go to bed. I'm tired and I want to sleep, but I still have a million things to do and so it is hard to justify sleep at the moment. Of course, you're wondering then why I am "wasting" my time blogging when I should be finishing those things and getting my hind end into my bed.

My dad is probably the forerunner in those thoughts, because he never understands why I would still be awake past midnight. Clearly, if I were more mature then I would be in bed.... but then I hear the TV on and I know that my roommate is still awake. And I hear the shower and footsteps upstairs and I know the girls that live above me are still awake. And I'm betting Becca is awake. So it got me to thinking... not all of us are immature, though I think my dad would probably disagree with me. We just have different sleeping schedules. And at the age of 24(ish) I would have thought that we would all be more "responsible" and "mature" much like my dad was when he was 24.

But there's a big difference. When my dad was 24, he had a wife, two babies, a job (maybe two jobs) and was going to school. Of course he had to mature! He had four people he was trying to support while putting himself through school. And I've been struggling with just trying to support myself while going to school. So there's obviously some benefit in being forced to mature earlier, but for those of us that haven't had to grow up yet, it's no wonder we're taking our sweet time with it.

Anyway, that was my thought for this evening. My dad keeps wondering when I'll grow up and be more responsible, but obviously, I'm in no hurry. And I don't have a real reason to be. It isn't as if someone is sitting at home waiting for me to do the responsible thing.

And more to the point... On Sunday it is our nation's birthday. But more importantly, it is my dad's birthday. Since my dad is pretty great and was willing to grow up at the tender, naive age of 21, I do nothing but commend him at what an awesome husband, father and human being he is. I don't think I can accurately put into words how much I admire and love him. Most the time I find myself wishing I had been more of a daddy's girl when I was littler - it would probably be easier for him now that I really find myself wanting to cling to him.

Happy Birthday, Dad! (a little early) amo tu!

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