Tuesday, July 06, 2010


I have this great loathing for scooters and motorcycles that take up a full parking spot all to themselves. If there is a posse of motorcycles in one spot, great. If it is clear at the end of the parking lot, fine. If they park in the special motorcycle/scooter parking, that's best. Sometimes this whole scenario makes me really irritable.

Of course, mostly I just get mad because I think I have a spot only to start turning in and finding that it is taken by this sneaky vehicle that can't be spotted before you have already decided to park there.

But when I saw this guy... this Rascal parked in a parking spot, I didn't know what to do. Be mad? Baffled? Slightly annoyed? Amused?

I went with amused this time, but only because I had already found a perfectly amiable spot.

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