Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Tales from the Upstairs

I don't know if I can accurately describe the events of this afternoon. But it had me laughing so hard that I feel like I must try.

There is a guy in our office who is different than the rest. One of his "quirks" is that he has ten or so sour cream / cottage cheese containers full of frozen leftovers in the freezer. These containers, due to the fact that his wife is more infamous than gourmet, and the unknown age of these foodstuffs, are all considered to be...disgusting. And I share that opinion. Often times while our coworker is gone, we play the game, "How much will it cost to eat/lick/smell the "food."

Today was one such occasion.

Rob took the container and shoved it into Steven's face, who valiantly tried to push the container and then Rob away. Somehow, the frozen block of rice, peas and mystery meat went flying across the upstairs towards Todd, who avoided it as it crashed into the wall, breaking on little bits and rolling towards Wes who kicked it away. Rob then recovered the block of rice, and picked it up using the container to avoid contact with it. And then somehow it started all over again. The frozen rice was then pitched over towards Rob's area who recovered it. Todd got out the shopvac to pick up all the pieces of mystery meat and rice and as soon as he had vacuumed it up, Rob dropped it again.

Wes and I mostly just stood by and laughed at the whole ordeal and I'm pretty sure it continued after I left. Luckily, I think the guys chose to throw away the food instead of replacing it...which I would never put past them under ordinary circumstances.

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