Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hate Mail

I was going to post my rebuttal, as well, but I see little point in it.

This is a notification to inform you that we have refunded $17.45 to your PayPal account, as we will not be shipping you a copy of The Pirate Ruse.  

It has come to our attention, that although you once claimed to enjoy books by Marcia Lynn McClure, your purpose in purchasing and reading them now is little less than to find reason to criticize the work and successes of others...to spread contempt, hatefulness and ugliness in the world.  We at Distractions Ink have thus decided that, since you are not the sort of person for whom Marcia writes, we will no longer do business with you.  

The personal nature of your hateful remarks about Marcia in your most recent book blog are not only unfathomably cruel, but disgustingly ignorant.  Marcia Lynn McClure actually avoids compliments, and adulation.  She is very uncomfortable with any of sort of admiration.  You do not know her at all...not in the least...and we will testify (as will any who have met her) that she is your exact opposite.  She is kind, caring, empathetic beyond belief and gives joy and hope to thousands and thousands!  She has helped people endure the most tragic circumstances imaginable!   Her works have helped people through the loss of a loved one, the loss of life!  What have you done, Miss Armstrong, to better the world?  To spread joy and hope?

To address the self-publishing issue, there is not on record any other person in the world who has had the success that Marcia Lynn McClure has had in this venue...typographical errors, too many 'chuckling bucks' or not.  When your little book that you've self-published makes half a million dollars through the self-publishing venue, let us know...for if there's one thing that holds true, it is that an author's very nature cannot be hidden...it will reveal itself in his/her work.  It might also interest you to know, that of the 3,751 friends Marcia has on Facebook (as you so precisely noted) YOU are the only 'friend' that does not have another friend in common with Marcia.  This is very telling, Miss Armstrong.     

In conclusion, we have determined that you must be a terribly unhappy person.  Someone so bitter and hateful can not know true happiness.  Marcia Lynn McClure writes her stories (imperfect or not) for good, happy people who what to enjoy life, uplift others and appreciate the simple things God has created for us to enjoy.  I will also forewarn you that, should you post any slanderous remarks on your part against Marcia Lynn McClure or her work, such evidences will be forwarded to the proper authorities.  

We wish you luck, Miss Armstrong...in finding peace for such a battered soul...happiness in the Light of Christ...and your endeavors to leave a positive footprint in the world.

And Everyone at Distractions Ink


  1. it makes me happy that they made a mistake in their conclusion. no wonder mlm sucks if the people helping her aren't even fully literate.

  2. Thank you for posting that. It just showed me once again the ridiculous nature of the romance business. I'm glad that she "gives joy to the thousands!" I highly doubt that. Anyway, that gave me a great laugh. Sorry you had to be personally attacked in return. They don't seem to profess what they're talking about. Your book is fantastic.

  3. Well, its a good thing they write fictional romance and nothing of real life! As this attack was littered with points based on reactive emotion rather than reality.

    Miss Armstrong, you bring Joy to me. And that real, long lasting sincere joy for one, is worth more than the superficial "joy" (aka entertainment) brought to "thousands" by MLM.

  4. Hello to everyone posting on this blog. This is Marcia Lynn McClure, and I have asked Shelli if she would please post not only her personally attacking remarks toward me included in her blogs beginning in 2009, her 1st letter of apology to me, her 2nd letter to me including another apology and an inquiry of my advice where self-publishing her books is concerned, before you pass such firm judgment on me and my staff at Distractions Ink? I understand that you are her friends and support, but I would like for you to know that there are always two sides to every story. Thank you.

  5. From e-mail dated September 8th, 2010 from Shelli Armstrong to Marcia Lynn McClure: "I was rash and wrote a pretty scathing review on one of your books. While it is still not my favorite one, you can see, my Marcia Lynn McClure love runs strong. I have since gone back and reread the review and I was in the wrong to post something that read a lot more personal than I intended it ever to be. I don't remember if I ever did apologize for that, but if I haven't, I want you to know that I am sorry that it caused as much pain and misunderstanding. And I am sorry that I wrote such harsh words - more harsh than I intended. You will find on my goodreads.com account, that all the MLM books have four and five stars and that review has long since been removed."~ Shelli Armstrong

  6. Excerpt from e-mail sent to Marcia Lynn from Shelli Armstrong, "I appreciate the way you interact with your fans and let us see the real Marcia Lynn McClure. I think that if I had known you as an author as well as I do now back when I wrote the review, I would have never said the things that I said. I see now how you tie your most important friendships and life experiences in with your novels. You're allowing us as a fan base to be involved in some of your most private jokes, and that is something that we should appreciate, not criticize."

  7. Marcia, I'm curious as to whether you respond like this to all less-than-positive review(er)s of your books? I find it fascinating and more than a little odd.

  8. Joe,...actually to a bad book review, no. Bad book reviews don't bother me in the least, I have thick skin there. It's the on-going personal comments against my character and life that my readers find and then start bombarding me with emails about how they're going to retaliate that bothers me. I've tried very hard to work with Shelli, to keep everyone from chewing her up, even given her advice on her publishing adventure. I think this bothers me so much because I don't understand such animosity. I don't like anyone to be unhappy, or angry (even though we all have a nerve that gets struck here and there), and whenever this happens people find it and start threatening to e-mail Shelli or write awful stuff on her blogs and stuff. I've explained this before to her, she has apologized and then repeats the behavior. I admire her friends for sticking up for her on here and in person...but everyone seems to miss the point that, as they support Shelli, my staff and readers support me...as her should and mine should. It's an ugly situation, and truly, effects her infinitely more than it effects me (or is that affects? I never can remember). I've written to her, asking that we all just let this go, telling her that I will keep the wolves at bay, and further asking that we just be ships that passed in the night and do the right thing. If you think this emotional e-mail for my staff is harsh, you should read everything that Shelli had written over the past two years that provoked this, and the ensuing e-mails she has sent to me. I promise to you, that you will then see why this has gotten to the point that I felt the need to not only defend myself to Shelli, but to simply ask her to let it all go. This is beyond anything I have ever seen in my entire lifetime, personal and professional, and I just feel pressed to try and defuse it, while still defending my staff. Thanks for your inquiry, Joe. I pray that it wasn't sarcastic and that your question was truly sincere. I tried to give a sincere answer.

  9. This is much too much! I heart you long time Shelli:)Which reminds me I still owe you dinner. I haven't forgotten!

  10. Speechless.


    What a drama queen.

    It's kind of creepy that she posted all that in your comments.

    She's going to keep the wolves at bay? ... Uh...

    Speechless again.

  11. Funny that a professional writer doesn't know the difference between "affect" and "effect."

    Affect is the verb. Effect is the noun. Do I need to explain what a verb and a noun is too?

    And Sheli, you rock, and these comments are making for an awesome Christmas.

  12. I have love in my heart for this whole interchange. I wish Stephenie Meyer would have written me personally when I wrote about how badly done Twilight was. Shelli, you are a celebrity!

  13. HAHA.. i am laughing.. b/c this is awesome!! I'm glad this lady and "her staff" don't seem to know the difference between a personal attack and a BOOK REVIEW!!!

  14. dearest shelli.
    we should go out for lunch again soon. :)

    I can't say I'm up to date on this issue, but that email was super rude. i can't believe that an actual company composed and sent that...very unprofessional. I'm sorry you had to deal with that.

    Love you girl!

  15. ps. i think my favorite part was how they referenced Christ and God and apparently they didn't stop to think how very un-Christlike that email was.

    those are my favorite kind of Christians! :)

  16. Do you want me to order the book so we can all read it and write reviews??

  17. I loves me some controversy!

    I've never read Marcia L. McClure, and can't say I want to.

    This thread is way more entertaining than the best romance.

    Into Shelli's corner I go.

  18. To MLM's staff:

    Freedom of speech, people. Since MLM has made a public figure of herself by virtue of becoming an author, I doubt there's much you can do legally if Shelli wants to express her opinion about MLM's writing. You kinda just have to suck it up.

    (And, what's with all the exclamation points?)

  19. I am kind of sad that I didn't get to comment on this... it makes me want to laugh... It is ridiculous... I understand if someone is offended when his/her work is criticized a bit. And maybe it was in a mocking manner. But that should be ammo for self-improvement not offense and retaliation...ha... and the people at distraction ink..whoa. Completely immature and unprofessional... Their insults were way worse than anything you wrote! That it is indeed laughable.. (I literally laughed) I love you Shelli, you are my sun, moon and stars...


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