Thursday, August 04, 2011

Just Practicing: The Kid and the Mannequin

WalMart in Provo has a new modest line of clothing in the women's department. The clothes are somewhat intriguing and sort of cute, so tonight before Katy and I set off to do some serious shopping, we decided to take a look.

As were standing there looking at the clothes draped on a headless mannequin, we watched as an eight (to ten) year old boy walked up with his hand outstretched until he fully felt up the mannequin. It was as if his hand had a magnet in it, and the mannequin's boob was drawing him in.

I'm still not sure what his goal was. Did he just want to touch a boob? Any boob? Even a plastic one would do. Did he want to test and see what the boob was made out of? Did he anticipate it to feel lifelike, or did he already know that it was plastic. Was he really just wanting to adjust the cardigan, but his shoes slipped from under him, causing him to grab the boob for support?

The world may never know.

It took him a second to notice that Katy and I were watching, so he quickly took to task of adjusting the cardigan before joining his dad and brother in line.

Katy and I were dumbfounded for about a second, and then it took us several moments to recover from laughing.


  1. Hmmmm, eight to ten yrs old. That is pretty young, but of course the world has changed a lot since I was that age. I am trying to remember my first encounter with a plastic bubski. I do remember, it was worth it.

  2. what a little perv... boys are funny


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