Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Laugh Partner

I was talking to Becca's sister, Sarah, the other day about relationships and what we inevitably are looking for in a future husband and she was telling me about a friend of hers that pretty much summed up everything.

Sarah was telling me how her friend and her husband were never really two people you would think would end up together, but in the end, it was their senses of humor that made them perfect for each other. They play off each other very well and they both think that the other person is hilarious.

In fact, this friend was saying, she and her husband are up late at night and can't get to sleep because they are laughing so hard. They never tire of talking to one another and they just have a good time, always because they are so compatible.

I've had friends like this. Where we lay awake into the wee hours of the morning talking and giggling, and it put a big smile on my face thinking that maybe I can find a husband like that.

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  1. you totally can! I wanted a guy that I got along with as well as jo... and then cary came along! Him and jo seriously have so much in common with how they deal with everything that we've always meshed well together. And we do make each other laugh pretty hard--this is definitely a must.


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