Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Those Questions

1. Post these rules.
3. Answer the questions provided by the one who tagged you.
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag.
5. Tag people.

Carla tagged me, so I'm answering:

1. If you could go back to school and major in something different what would it be?

  • I think I would like to go back and do graphic design like I intended. Or maybe a degree in English.

2. What is your go to outfit when you want to look good, and you're in a hurry?
  • My skinny jeans and stripey shirt with a red belt. And thigh-high boots if I'm really feeling it.
  • Or, it might be my new dress:

3. If you could only watch one tv show over and over, what show would you pick?

  • Parks & Recreation
4. What's your favorite book, or the first that came to mind?

  • Anything by Georgette Heyer... I could never choose a favorite book.
5. If your life had a theme song what would it be?

  • Meet Virginia -- I don't know. That's just the first song that popped in to my head, but it seems to fit on a fairly regular basis.
6. Who is someone you miss having in your life (from moving away, passing away, just busy whatever)?

  • I miss having my mom close by me. I miss Becca like I'd miss my left hand. And I miss my old friend Colin.
7. Would you rather be tired for the rest of your life or hungry?

  • Tired, because I'm already used to it. (And do I honestly look like someone who likes to go hungry?)
8. Who is someone you admire and would like to emulate?

  • Ah.... I don't have a clue. Maybe my Uncle Allen. His unwavering faith, devotion to his family, cool insight, and general hilariousness are all definitely something to aspire to. I want to parent my children the way he does. I want to have the same understanding of the gospel and the hunger for knowledge that he does. I should be a harder worker like he is. 
9. What is your favorite game?

  • It depends on who I'm playing with. I love playing Hand & Foot. Or Bananagrams. Or Pounce. 
10. If you had to leave your home forever and could only take a few "valuables" what would you take?

  • My Kindle, a family picture, my camera.... and that's about it. 
11. What grocery item do you regularly splurge on?

  • I can't remember the last time I went grocery shopping.

I don't know who to tag (Chuck, you're definitely one, Aubrey, Becca, Courtney, Kira, Larissa, Melissa, William...), so anyone who wants to answer my questions:
  1. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  2. What one in-vogue style would you get rid of, if you could?
  3. What song describes your love life at the moment?
  4. How many books (physical copies) do you own?
  5. How old were you when you had your first kiss?
  6. Peanut butter and jelly or grilled cheese?
  7. What do you daydream about?
  8. Within your dating life, what's one dating faux pas you made?
  9. Is there a place that you go to quite often, but seem to get lost getting there every time? (Maybe that's just me.)
  10. Where was your first job?
  11. Who was your out-of-your-league, not-going-to-happen, crush? (Assuming you had at least one, if it's not current, and you don't want to give it away.)

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