Thursday, June 14, 2012

I Want to Wear Dad's T-Shirts to Bed Again

When Amy and I were little, we didn't have pajamas. Instead, we raided Mom and Dad's dresser for a t-shirt that we slipped over our heads, and found ourselves wormed through an arm hole by morning. There was one particular, a green, red, and white striped one that said Pepsi across the front that was soft and comfy.

I'm supposed to be putting away my wardrobe, and it's awful. I'm going through one of those "I-hate-everything-I-own" phases.

The fashion industry talks about "spring fashions" and "summer fashions" and things change each season...every. single. year.

I'm still wearing clothes that I had in 2004 when I moved to Utah. Heck, I think I have a thing or two that I still wear normally that I had in high school. I don't even have a "warm weather" and "cold weather" wardrobe. I just have my wardrobe... and I hope that I slim down enough with swimming and walking in the warmer weather, that it isn't necessary to cover everything up with a jacket. My cardigans, I have to keep in circulation, because even though it's going to be 100 degrees, I have to keep my shoulders covered. (Unless I'm in the car. I refuse to be modest while driving in a car with no air conditioning in the heat.)

Life is so much simpler when you can wear your parents' t-shirts as pajamas. Most of my clothes back then came in the form of my cousins' hand-me-downs, or as finds from my Grandma Armstrong's garage selling days. If we hated what we were wearing, it didn't matter. We grow like weeds as kids, and we really will only have to wear in for one season before we are too big for those 80s patterned bicycle shorts.

I have a sneaky suspicion that my dad dressed us this day... that's the only way I can explain the tucked in shirts.
I'd place a fairly large wager on the fact that none of our outfits were purchased new. Probably all  of them are Grandma Armstrong "finds". I particularly love the dinosaur shirt with suspenders that I'm sporting.

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  1. i never had pajamas either! (well I can remember maybe one pair of onesie feetie pajamas) I wore old t-shirts that were down to my knees. It was great. It makes me a little sad that kids all have awesome pajamas these days--what's up with that?

    Also, I wanted you to know you're not alone. I still own a ton of clothes from high school. I'll probably never be fashionable... *deep sigh*


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