Saturday, October 05, 2013


This year, I truly fell in love with Utah. I've liked living here these past years (nine years...nine), but I've always joined the throngs of transplants that long for home, and dis on Utah. But something changed this year. My friends and I have traveled in different areas of Utah - from Moab, to the Salt Flats, to Scenic Byway UT-150, through Logan Canyon to Bear Lake, eastern Utah in Vernal, and even Antelope Island nearby and of course the hundreds of miles driven to get to all of these places, somewhere between all of this, I really did fall in love.

Even though we are unseasonably cold today, I have truly enjoyed the last few weeks we've had of gorgeous fall weather. I love fall in Utah. It rejuvenates my soul. It makes me love Utah even more. So bring it winter! I've got my Christmas tree up, and it's harvest-themed decorated, with the cutest turkey ornaments I could have ever wished for.

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