Thursday, October 31, 2013


Last Thursday, I worked for an hour before I had to go home. On Friday, I went to the emergency room under direction of my doctor. I wouldn't have done it - and I shouldn't have - except, this is something they tell me ALL the time, and I always resist.

Remember that one time my roommate and I decided to make baked goods for boys to prove that that actually isn't the way to get dates? (No? My visit to the ER was kind of like that. I knew that it would be a waste of time and money, but I was sick of hearing that I needed to go and I was sick of dealing with...well, what I was dealing with.

So I went to the ER, and I didn't have to wait even one second in the waiting room, which surprised me. A few nights before that, I had watched this whole video documentary on emergency rooms and saw the pain and suffering of people that go to the ER because they don't have insurance and what not. It made me cry no less than three times. Anyway, they got me in the system (spelled my name wrong) and then I waited. The doctor came in pretty quickly, especially when compared to the rest of the day, and we discussed what was going on. He decided that he wanted an on-call doctor to come see me, so in the meantime, I was to provide blood for my blood work and urine for my pee test.

The lady who did the blood work was not very bright. The whole time I was texting Amy (a phlebotomist of her own right) and sending her pictures of this woman's work. First, she chose to work on my right arm. I warned her that people often have a hard time getting my right arm to cooperate. She didn't let that phase her, instead she picked a vein off to the side and pushed and prodded and got five out of the six tubes of blood required by the dock. It was the most painful draw I have ever experienced. Let's not forget that I have my blood work done pretty frequently - I mean, I have throughout my life, and just recently was on Accutane, which meant monthly blood work. If the fact that this woman hadn't mutilated my arm weren't enough, she also told me that I probably only got my job because I was a girl, and because companies need a certain amount of minorities in their company, and ergo, that was why I was hired. (She later apologized for that little comment.)

When she got me set up for the IV I never needed, she decided to use my left arm. There's barely a mark on my left arm, where she had zero problems finding a vein... I'm just saying. She did have a little bit of an issue putting the needle all the way in, which was just a titch painful whenever I bent my arm to use it... but, at least she found the vein!

I was pretty bored in the ER. There's not really a lot on television during the day. I would have watched Ellen, but her guest was Puff Daddy - P Diddy - whoever the heck he is. I didn't care. So I switched the TV to some musical station and tried to read on my phone. Unfortunately, the book I was reading wasn't very good. And oh, I was naked! except for my hospital gown. That was awkward.

The worst part, besides knowing that I had just spent $100 on a deductible I couldn't really afford, was the catheter. They wanted a "clean" urine sample, and so peeing in a cup was not an option. (Or, it had been an option until there was a shift switch and one nurse wouldn't let me get away with it!) It was maybe not as bad as I thought it was going to be, but it was definitely not a good time.

By that time, I had been in the hospital for four hours. FOUR HOURS and all they did was mutilate my arm and get a pee sample. The on-call doctor was nowhere to be seen, and finally in the fifth hour, the original ER doctor came in, did a quick exam, gave me a prescription for two days at home for rest and another one for pain pills that I didn't ask for.

I left the hospital and only then remembered that I should have asked for them to do some imaging - as that was one of the reasons my doctor had encouraged me to go to the ER in the first place. I set up an appointment with the no-show on-call doctor, and was on my not-so-merry way.

I proved myself right, though. Emergency rooms are strictly for when your organs are falling out, or your limbs are falling off. I will never go there voluntarily again. Instacare for me, all the way. That, or no doctors at all.

Saturday I made a really dumb decision to go horseback riding. Horrible. Terrible decision. It was a pretty day, though, so I can't begrudge the fact that I spent a day in nice weather instead of holed up in my room like I did for the rest of the weekend, Monday, and Tuesday. Luckily, my appointment with the doctor was somewhat a success, and after over dosing on the pills she gave me, I'm happy to say that last night I had the first good night's sleep I've had in over a week, and I'm feeling much better. Hooray.


  1. Yeah, going to the ER is the worst thing ever. I usually just call my dad about everything medical and ask him if I'm likely to die.
    Also, that first picture of your IV... well, I thought it was your leg for a really long time and was trying to figure out why you would post a photo of your hairy leg for all to see.

  2. umm ouch, couldn't even finish reading this the pictures are making me hurt so bad... ooh a bad iv job is just wrong--that's nursing 101 right?


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