Friday, August 13, 2010

Office Decor

Today at work I spent most the time watching the guys remove my old cabinets and replace them with new, bigger ones. For months I've been feeling buried, with every nook and cranny of my desk filled with something or another (usually papers and binders...) and so I asked for more storage space.

It's different working with the guys because I'm used to standing next to my dad, at the ready, so I can go fetch things. But these three did everything without me lifting a finger. Not to mention, they provided plenty of comedic relief as well. So basically, I watched them work while laughing the whole time. All and all, not a bad day!

The original cabinets.

Taking them down.
NEW CABINETS! Notice the clean counter top space? That was filled with binders, now stored in the new cabinets. I'm very excited.
Now, working with all men is an interesting experience. My boss was talking about replacing the clock (you can see the clock on the left hand side of the picture) with a deer head that he shot. Apparently, the deer had originally hung there, but the previous secretary didn't like him staring at her while she worked. The point is that men don't usually know anything about decorating unless it has something to do with a stuffed previously-living creature.

Which is probably why none of them know what this is:

Of course, anyone can see that it is an artichoke, on a pedestal. With a ribbon tied around it. But no, not in our office. In our office it is the butt of many jokes. Simply because, it is referred to as the "butt plug." It's gross, I know. But I do kind of see their point, and really, whoever decorated the office should have known the type of men we work with... even still, the butt plug provides an endless amount of jokes and so it stays.

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