Friday, October 15, 2010

Birthday Planning

My birthday is still over a month away, but that hasn't stopped me from thinking. If you write to Santa Claus, put a tooth under your pillow for the tooth fairy and rub the lamp of a genie... who do you petition for your birthday wishes? (Besides last year's candles? Because you don't always know what you want right when you are blowing out the candles...) Do you have to find a shooting star? An eye lash? A dandelion? What's the birthday wish protocol here?

My list is fairly unreasonable. Everything I want, i.e. teacup piglets, new laptop, trip to Europe, etc., is either really expensive... OR, there is something that I want that doesn't actually cost anything: except my pride and dignity. Which, I'm not really willing to pay.

That being said, I've already bought my birthday present to myself. I probably really shouldn't have. But I couldn't pass up the opportunity. And with it being my 25th birthday... I really felt like I deserved it. Of course, I also think that I deserve all the things mentioned in the above paragraph.

I think it's a good thing that 24 was such a big year (I literally celebrated EVERYDAY of the month...practically) because aside from my GRAND birthday to myself, I'm not really sure how 25 is going to play out. I mean, I know how I want it to play out... I just don't know that it will.

Anyway, the countdown is on... I mean, after we celebrate other IMPORTANT October birthdays first, of course.


  1. So I just googled images of teacup piglets...oh my gosh. So adorable. I support you in getting one of those.


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