Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Design Whiplash

Yes.... I needed my blog to pay tribute to one of the greatest holidays.

I've been in denial that summer is over. If it weren't for the fact that it is now dark when I look out the window, I think I would still disbelieve. The only thing that isn't depressing me at this very moment, is the fact that my room is probably going to get very chilly because I left the windows open... and I LOVE that.

Also... I think it is time to buy the stuff to make chili. Mom! I wish you were here to make me chili. That's like, my favorite thing ever. Chili + fall = bliss.

Yup, William... I know what we are having for dinner on Thursday. (It's not chili, but I just thought of it...!)


  1. that picture as your header is creepy

  2. Hey Shelli! I miss you and I do still read your blog...just a little less frequently now that I devote all my spare time to sleeping! :) But you are just as clever as you ever were. Love you!


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