Friday, October 08, 2010

KMA Anniversary

Today I celebrate my one-year anniversary working for Kevin at KMA Architects.

The year has gone fast and I'm still in denial that it is getting cold outside. Why is summer so short? Pretty soon I will be struggling to find the lines in our tiny parking lot -- opting instead to park on the street just so I can guarantee that I don't hit anybody. Our parking lot is super small and super squishy. It typically requires a 15 point turn to get out.

Work is still going well. I take it as a good sign that Kevin is constantly reminding me to find my potential husbands ONLY among Utah boys. I think he's afraid that if I end up with someone from out of state, I'll leave prematurely.

The things that I like best about KMA versus other jobs - especially office jobs - I've held are the following:
  • I work for the most part, with all men. They are easy going, low-maintenance, hilariously funny and sometimes chivalrous. They are efficient. They still have just the right amount of gossipy-ness.
  • The firm is really casual. It's not a big corporate office with corporate policies and fancy lawyers and such. It isn't a small company that is trying to seem like a big company by doing things that are way beyond its abilities. We're just KMA, and we do what we want.
  • That means that my letters and proposals and anything I write can be as informal or formal as I deem necessary. I have way more leverage over the collateral that goes out, and I like that.
  • We're busy. There is no talk of buy-outs or unhappy investors or needing work. 
  • I'm not always busy...and for the most part, I don't have to pretend that I am.
  • There's no office drama. Or, there is, but it's usually hilarious instead of annoying. For the most part, the guys are all friends and you can see it in the way they interact with each other. It makes for a much nicer working environment.
In order to commemorate the year mark, I baked an apple cheesecake. There are only a few who have been able to taste this most delicious thing, however, I made it this morning instead of last night and I was too worried about burning it, that I undercooked it. And it only had six hours to set up - which, everyone knows 24 hours is better - leaving it soupy. I was pretty disappointed that it didn't turn out, but's still delicious tasting, if not properly set up. The guys are picky eaters, but they still seem to eat some of the disasters that I've brought in. So I guess that's a good thing.

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