Saturday, May 21, 2011

Drawing Challenge Day #3 and 4

Day #3: My favorite food. I chose a bowl of rice and a bowl of unknown something (but is supposed to be yellow curry) because I could eat Thai everyday, probably, and not tire of it, but I also didn't want to draw anything too complicated.

My other thoughts were fish tacos. I was just going to draw a fish and write taco beside it. See, I'm lazy when I draw.

The laziness comes in to play for Day #4: My favorite place, too, because I would have drawn something related to home, or the cabin my grandparents lived in in Naches, Wa.

But I don't really have a favorite place. Sometimes it is in my car. Other times it is in a park somewhere, reading.

But I think I made a good choice. My bed is easy to draw, and I wouldn't get out of it on most days if I didn't have to.

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