Sunday, June 26, 2011

Friday Night

My dad called me on Friday and asked if I was on a hot date. The fact that I answered the phone suggested that I was not, of course, but I guess he wanted to check anyway.

He then suggested that I should be out with my girlfriends, hitting the town and looking for/picking up men.

It got me thinking. Even if I did trust my single friends to be good "wing-[wo]men", where in the world would we go to pick up said men? Bars? Obviously not. Clubs? No. So, where?

I'm honestly at a loss as to how to meet people anymore. If you aren't regularly going to parties and meeting friends of friends... if you don't go to school and meet new classmates... where do you go to meet people? No wonder so many have turned to online dating. It seems like the answer: a collection of people all looking for the same thing. I'm still not sold on the idea, but I see how and why people do it.

Before the internet, though, BYU peoples still met each other. Did more people just settle in to marrying their FHE brothers and sisters? I bet there was a dance every week, and they all knew where it would be and when it was. I bet the guys actually asked girls out on dates. I bet there was more intra-ward dating. What if the person didn't like their ward? Did they move? Probably.

On a completely separate, slightly more hilarious note, picture this:

Our ward meets for church in a class room with stadium seating. Melissa, me and then Matti were standing, getting ready to head out, when the Bishop came up and shook Melissa's hand, congratulated on her new calling (Yeah! Congratulations, Melissa! You're the new visiting teaching coordinator..................)


He shook her hand, and then I was next. No eye contact, a quick handshake, and then his other hand reached up grabbed my arm, and he propelled me past him so that he could talk to Matti.

I've been convinced that the Bishop doesn't like me for a while now. But, lately, the evidence has just been building.

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  1. Shame on your Bishop for dissing you! I have to admit to being in more than a few wards where I felt invisible and that the Bishop didn't care that I was there. It's a very unpleasant feeling.
    If I search my rusty memory banks, I met guys out dancing (yeah for the Star Palace), in classes, in my ward (but rarely dated anyone from the ward - Dave broke that rule), and through work.
    I can see that none of those really work for you. Boo. I want to wave my magic wand for you.


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