Friday, June 17, 2011

Provo Historic Walking Tour

Our building is currently being polished to the hilt in preparation for our participation in Provo's Historical Building walking tour. It's been a long process that has included the coordination of deep cleaning, intense organizing and having walls painted and pictures hung. My "daylight bright" lights have been replaced with more antique-yellow bulbs and I have a new accent wall. It looks like it is 6 p.m. instead of noon because it is so dark in here.

Miguel and his cleaning crew; the painters; the carpet cleaners; the landscaper (i.e. the Lawn Nazi).... they've all come and gone. The only crew remaining is the window washers. They are a day late. Apparently their boss is out of town, and while they were supposed to show up at 2 p.m. yesterday, they didn't come until Peggy left a nasty voice mail on the boss' phone that they decided to roll in.

We have a beautiful stained glass window in our building and Peggy wanted to make sure that they knew to be particularly careful, anyway. But when they pulled up with tattoos, ears guaged, Kevin came in and asked, "Have you talked with them about the window? You better get out there, Peggy, they look a little rough -- they're drinking Red Bull!"

Not only do they drink Red Bull, but I've been watching as one of them carefully dangled a cigarette from his lips while washing the second story windows. I didn't know whether to be impressed or disgusted, which Kevin thought was funny.

Tonight we'll have about 300 people walk through our building and admiring the work Kevin has done in restoring and using the historic house our office has been in since around 1996. He did a lot of work in creating a beautiful office that will be honored at a ceremony thing after the tour. He's receiving some sort of award, which is cool.

The Provo Historical Society dug up information about the former owners of the building. It was a drug rehabilitation center before it belonged to the person who Kevin bought it from. Overall, it's a beautiful building that I like coming to everyday for work.

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