Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just in case...

Sometimes listening to Pandora.com at work can be risky business. You never know what embarrassing song will play next, just because you liked one Jonas Brothers song, doesn't meant that you like them all the time...

It isn't always the music that it chooses to play that is the problem. Sometimes they have interesting advertisements that play in between you almost-always awesome playlist. Like the commercial about Playtex or something like such as.

Or, as your boss is approaching your desk, an ad that calls out, "Hey all you pregnant ladies!..."

Which prompted the conversation where Kevin tells me that it would be just fine if I were pregnant, but I would still have to work. I asked him if that meant he wanted a baby running around the office, and he told me that was fine. Probably for about six months, and then he would need more room to run around, and so it would probably be a good time to get a babysitter about that time.

This made me quickly scope out the office. The baby could sleep in the carrier in a little hollow right under my desk. We don't use the conference room that often, so I'm sure the pack-n-play could be set up in there if he needed to stretch out. And I wonder if Kevin couldn't mind having a little baby swing going right next to me...

Man, I'm just really lucky to have such a relaxed office. So much so that Kevin was telling me about a co-worker he had when he first started working as an architect, who brought her baby in to the office. He said that every once and a while, she would say, "Here, I have to do this," and she would pass off her kid and make one of the guys hold him. Considering that all the guys in my office are fathers, I'm not so certain that they would be completely opposed to me handing off my kid -- at least I know that they're all experienced.

And suddenly, this who thought train has gotten really strange, seeing as how I'm not likely to have children anytime soon.

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  1. I AM having a kid soon though, so I'm considering moving down there and taking over your job. Thanks!


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