Friday, January 20, 2012

Important Lessons for the Gym

After a full week and a half of my new workout regime, I learned two very important lessons of what not to do in just one day.

  1. Never skip a workout.
  2. Do NOT eat Cafe Rio at any time before you hit the gym.
It's just. not. worth. it. I am convinced that just one of these things is going to make the workout that much more difficult; combined, these two things are going to try to kill you.

It didn't help that today's workout was probably the hardest thus far. Between bear crawls and glut-walks and whatever the heck they call all the moves that I really couldn't do, I was dying. The very real possibility of losing my lunch loomed overhead while the fact that my arms were completely stiff from Wednesday definitely didn't add anything good to the experience. It doesn't help, either, that Alaina makes it all look so gosh dang easy! I was really struggling, and Alaina just laughed my complaints away, looming over me as I tried to do all the reps. She's a good trainer because she ignores when I say "I can't" and just waits for me to finish it all.

So... Lesson learned, I guess. Next week will be much better. And I swear I won't complain if we go back to just doing arms, again, because at least I can do all those exercises!

I don't know how little babies do this. It's really hard!

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