Tuesday, March 13, 2012

From Sea to Shining Sea

All of the states shaded are places I've visited. I counted the states that I drove through. I may not have visited the cities in-depth, but I think smelling their cows and seeing the landscapes constitute a good enough visit. I did not include the states that I've only seen their airport. (Though, I think that would have only added two more states: Arizona and Minnesota.) And actually, now that I think about it, I think I have driven through/visited Montana and maybe even South Dakota, but that was before I can remember.

All this shows me is that I have a lot more traveling to do even within the Country's borders.

Hmmmm... where to go next?


  1. I made a goal to visit all 50 states before I turned 30. Yeah, that instead of a new car:-) But I did it and I loved every minute! Anyway - TRAVEL!
    I hit up Louisiana and the other Southern states by visiting a roommate from the area and we drove all around the states for a couple days.
    For the New England states, my mom and I both took a week off work and drove up through Niagra Falls area and all the way over to Maine and stayed with a friend there and then down through Boston, etc.
    If you've got $1,000 to spare, an Alaskan cruise with friends is phenomenal.
    Hawaii is a bit easier of a sell to the friends though - and you can find some great deals if you get 4 people to go!
    I can't wait to hear about your next adventure:-)

  2. MINNESOTA. And not just the airport, even though the airport is fantastic. The airport only scratches the surface of how fantastic Minnesota is.

  3. North carolina looks sad and white, and you could stay with Cary and I. Of course hawaii sounds more appealing. And Arizona is really close--you should go to hava supai (prob spelled that wrong) or visit our favoritest Colin Bennett


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