Tuesday, March 06, 2012

No one reads this, right?

I really liked the way I did my hair and make-up today, but I sort of forgot to take the pictures after I was dressed (I was, at least, in my night clothes). So I knew that I wouldn't be posting this picture on Facebook or anything, so I doctored it up with tons of photo editing, and in the end, I have a picture that I wanted to post somewhere but not in too public a place.

This is one of those posts where I really do hope no one reads my blogs and I'm just posting into an empty cyber space.

If you do read my blog, and you are offended by this picture. Sorry?


  1. like minds :)

    i am not offended my your sexiness.

  2. People who are offended by beauty should be forced to wear crocs. On second thought, they probably choose to wear them, which is an even worse punishment.

    That, and I'm pretty sure they have a third nipple.

    Rock your beauty for all the world to see, Missy.


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