Friday, March 02, 2012

March Header

I like March because it is a whole month dedicated to Green. I love the color green.

Next week begins a month of crazy, busy. I start two classes: cake decorating and a writing class (in Heber) and I will be continuing my workouts at the gym with Alaina. (See her Facebook page here.)

For those of you wondering, I haven't noticed a huge physical change since I started working out with Alaina in January, but I feel stronger. And I bet I would have more energy if I weren't up at this hour touching up my blog. I love the program that Alaina has me on because the workouts are challenging and, dare I say? Fun. I was afraid that when I started, I would dread going and hate it the whole time I am working out, but really, I've started to enjoy it.

If only I could hire a personal chef, I think I would really be on track.

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