Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Deep Thoughts Between Friends

Aubreylife is hard Shelli
  1st world problems are tough
  don't let anyone tell you differnt
4:51 PM me: Don't worry
  I won't
  life is hard
4:54 PM Aubrey: sigh
  i want something amazing to happen
  and its gonna take some work
  but I'm gonna make it happen
  i can't sit at a desk all my life
4:57 PM me: You can do it
Life isn't like a novel
  no matter how much I want it to be
  otherwise, it would be about this point in my life where my Mr. Right walks in a whisks me to my new life in Europe
  with loads of money
  or something
5:01 PM saying something witty
  Like, he stands up and someone says, "Gosh, do they make them any bigger?"
and he replies, "I'm big enough."
5:05 PM Aubrey: hahahahaha
  you are precious
5:07 PM me: (that line actually happened to my boss the other day)
  sometimes life IS like a novel
 Aubrey: its a novel alright, but the author likes to throw in a lot of lulls
5:08 PM meAlso, are the lulls our fault? I mean...
 Aubrey: yes they are but i don't know to get rid of them all
 me: what if is one of those pick your own endings type
 and we are picking the wrong ones!
 Aubrey: hahaha
  that's it!
  that's the problem
  we're skipping to the wrong page each time
 me: Totally the problem
5:10 PM Aubrey: i keep going into the cave when I should have kept swimming, where the mermaid island was just around the corner
5:11 PM me: blast
  I don't even start swimming
  you mean you have to get off the beach to find adventure?!
 Aubrey: ha
  you'll be on a beach soon enough
 me: I was just hoping that the cabana boys provided the adventure for you!
5:12 PM Aubrey: oh cabana boys
  there are never enough of them
 me: haha
  and they are very often gay
  or tiny
  I don't really want a cabana boy
5:13 PM Aubrey: ha
  i don't really want one either
  maybe we bought the wrong book
  i want one where we run into mountain men
 me: Oh, yes please!
  with beards
  and plaid
5:14 PM and burly arms
 Aubrey: where is the book with men with beards?!
 me: swoooooon
 Aubrey: ha

PS: Aubs, we do not have NEARLY ENOUGH pictures of us together.

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  1. Oh i love you and aubrey. I miss you both. I hope you find your mountain men soon (although make sure they're not too hairy... and they shower... and have good dental hygiene b/c otherwise :/

    Have you read the book, These Is My Words? I'm in the middle of it and the love story is infuriating, can't put down, exciting and all those crazy dating feelings. I highly recommend it.


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