Sunday, April 17, 2011

Trying to be Obedient

Over the last few months, our ward (now the Provo Utah Young Single Adult Ward #142... I think), has been talking about dating and marriage. I have been rather critical of some of the advice that we have been given... mostly because I don't consider those that are delivering the advice as being credible sources for dating tips.

(Sorry, anyone who met their significant other in junior high or high school did not have the same experience that a ward with an average age of 25-26 is currently experiencing in dating. In fact, I would venture to say that they really have no clue as to what we are going through.)

Anyway, one of the things that we were told in the dating panel - and subsequently since then - is that we should make cookes or baked goods to the guys that we like!

Melissa and I had a hard time figuring out what guys we actually wanted to deliver our baked goods to, but once we decided we set off. We walked because it was SUCH a beautiful day today. We walked and walked and realized that being on foot is a much different perspective than being in the car, so we turned around (because we had missed the street we needed by two blocks) and headed to the house we wanted.

We could see one of the guys laying on the couch. We could also hear him: snoring. He didn't seem to hear our knock. There was rustling in the bushes, and we were worried about leaving treats on the doorstep to the critters, but we wanted to leave it behind, so we left it on the window sill and headed home. We had struck out.

I wish we could have seen their faces. The cards that we had made were gems. GEMS, I TELL YOU! Fluorescent paper, stick people with torn paper pants... and a lovely little note. I ended up leaving a Facebook note to one of the guys to let him know where to find the treats, and then...that was the end.

We tried to deliver the other plate to another apartment, but no one answered. We tried again a few hours later, and no one answered. We tried a third time to text and see if they were home: no one answered.

So.... we struck out again.

I guess delivering baked goods is harder to do than I thought. Maybe the ultimate goal only comes if you are successful in delivering it and adding a little flirty banter to the delivery; but, this time I highly doubt that anything will come out of delivering baked goods to boys.

Probably because it only works in high school.


  1. Shelli,
    now I know I've been married a long time, but I will say that the idea of baking things to win a boy would have been and still is about the lamest dating idea ever. What is this 1950? If I were single today I think I'd never take that advice either. Good for you for giving it a "go" but seriously.
    It insults my very exsistance to think I should have to prove anything through baking. (haha, I am obviously a little touchy about it. I do bake. But there's NO way I would have done it to win a boy. Period.) Your brains and magnificient personality are plenty good enough.

  2. And ps. this is not Mark it's Rachel ;)

  3. Shelli, I never get more earnest and heartfelt declarations of love from my man/boys as when I make something they love. There's wisdom here, but like you experienced, if you can't deliver plates of deliciousness along with a healthy side of flirtatious banter, what's the point?
    Telling people how to meet someone is kind of a funny idea because everyone meets their partner in a pretty unique way. I met Dave when I knocked on his door to remind his roommates (my friends from the previous year) to the ward dance. Three weeks later, we were one of those BYU stories you'd love to hate, but I'd hardly suggest you start knocking on all the doors of your guy friends.
    I'm glad you gave it whirl, simply because it gave you fodder for a great post.
    Happy hunting, er, I mean, baking.

  4. Ummm I love this post. I seriously agree with you, that people who met their beloved at age 15 or younger just don't understand.... I mean seriously they dated one person!

    Props to you for tossing aside cynicism and making the boys something delicious; however, didn't Elder Oaks say that we shouldn't have to bake for boys--because they just eat it and continue to do nothing.

    Anyhow, if i found someone, I'm confident you'll find someone, and I'm even more confident it's gonna make a great blog story ;)

  5. If I were single and had an accomplice these are the things I would do to find a man....
    -sit next to a boy at church and tell him that he was good looking and that we should probably hang out sometime.
    -grab someone's hand while walking on campus.
    -ask some cute guys to come over to play games.
    and other things that I can't think of.


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