Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I have NEVER in my life been so excited for something such as this!!!

I'm so grateful for a fast computer at work - because I would have NEVER been able to watch this on my home computer. Stupid slow connection.

Watch the teaser trailer. It is amazing.

It's not OK to be like this - I understand. But I can't help it. I'll update on my life another time.

Twilighters Anonymous? Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) is set up for people who battle addictions to alcohol. Not all people battle with this type of addiction. Some people have other addictions. Like Twilight. Twilight is an amazing book series. That I love. No. I'm obsessed. No. I am utterly and crazily addicted, and we all know that addictions to any substance are bad. Especially if you are addicted to mythical, fictional characters that are as real to you as your 18-year-old dropout brother. Sometimes I think it is easier to believe that Edward exists, rather than believe that Mark isn't going to graduate from high school.

Anyway, I need help. At least I think I do. Anyone know of a TA? Twilighters Anonymous. Similar to NA, narcotics anonymous. Of course... you have to want help before you can be helped. Perhaps I'm not ready for the 12 step program. Perhaps I enjoy LOVING Twilight the way I do.

I promise. My next post will have nothing to do with Twilight. But the one after that... I'm not Alice. I can't see ahead in the future.


  1. AGH! Did my comment post? I hate your posting system thing!

  2. What I said before is basically that I am also freakishly obsessed with Twilight and that it has become my means for life (whatever that means...). Thanks for sending me the teaser trailer; I am forever indebted to you!

  3. I was googling Twilighters Anonymous because I am bored and this popped up. Just thought I would let you know there IS a Twilighters Anonymous. It is a podcast, myspace, youtube, website that me and my friends run. You can find the podcast on iTunes (just search for Twilighters Anonymous) the myspace at myspace.com;/twilightersanonymous , the youtube at youtube.com/twilightersanonymous , and the website at TApodcast.com :-)

    Just thought you should know.


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