Sunday, June 28, 2009

B+S = One Year

My cousin Andrew invited me up to Bear Lake for the weekend. He and some buddies decided to ride down from Idaho on their motorcycles and rent a hotel room on the lake and said I could tag along if I wanted.

Oh, I wanted.

So Becca and I made it up to Logan - where we discovered a magical place. Everything is better in Logan. Everything as in: The Wal Mart (amazing) and the Arby's (impressive). We chilled around waiting for Andrew, et. al. to arrive [insert shock here: I know I am usually the one being WAITED ON instead of doing the WAITING. Point taken. I don't like it.] and Becca and I discovered that it was our one-year anniversary of our friendship.

Approximately one year ago Becca walked into my life and asked me, "Did we just become best friends?" To which I replied enthusiastically, "YUP!" Literally, we were friends within 30 seconds.

So, the perfect way to celebrate was by our little anniversary weekend at Bear Lake. We drove. And drove. And drove. And discovered a part of Utah that neither of us have had the chance to experience. Cache Forest is beautiful. The canyon is beautiful. Bear Lake is beautiful. We lounged by the pool and sunbathed, made an excursion to Idaho, and then explored Minnetonka Cave. All while trying to avoid the mosquitoes...

It was lovely.

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